Trendy and Comfortable: Best Ladies Slippers for this Summer

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Trendy and Comfortable: Best Ladies Slippers for this Summer

Chilly nights are finally over. We all are now set to welcome the summer season. At this time of the year, you can dive into the pool, enjoy hiking, and cool off with outdoor activities. 

However, staying trendy and stylish in the scorching heat is a huge challenge for women. When it comes to attire, multiple options are available. But unfortunately, not every woman knows the right type of footwear for the summer season. 

You might want a comfortable pair of sandals for going to the office. Likewise, you often need breathable slippers for routine house wear. Recall the last time you went for a friend's meet-up. Didn't you spend hours thinking about how to pair the right sandal with the dress? 

Fret not! 

Almost every other lady goes through it. 

The good news is you have come to the right place. If you keep reading, you will find a variety of casual women's slipper styles for the summer season. 

But before we begin, let us share the benefits associated with wearing slippers:  

Why should you Wear Slippers in Summer? 

Slippers protect you from accidents and provide multiple health benefits too. Here are a few of them: 

Maintains Balance 

Floors made of wood and tile are often slippery, especially after a mop or if some liquid accidentally spills. At home, you might rush to answer the phone call, open the door, or hug your pet. In such cases, the chances of falling are more.

However, if you are wearing slippers, they will help you maintain balance. Most slippers are made from a material that can create a grip on the floor. Thus, you can easily walk and are less likely to get hurt when you wear slippers. 

Protects from Fungal Infections 

Slippers are not just for comfort but also for your feet' health. At times, your house can be messy and dirty. Roaming around without slippers can result in catching germs and bacteria. However, when you wear slippers, they create a barrier against infections and diseases.

Not just this, but slippers also protect you from communicable diseases. That is why many spas and saunas offer slippers. 

Tip: When you visit any rest house or hotel, make sure to wear slippers inside the room. Try to keep a pair of indoor slippers the next time you go for a trip. 

Increases Productivity 

Wearing slippers makes you feel comfortable. They create a barrier, and you don't get in contact with the hard floor. Besides this, you don't feel the dirt and roughness of the ground. Soft, comfortable, and smooth slippers can make you feel at ease. This feeling of relaxation reduces your stress level, making you more productive. 

After knowing the benefits of wearing slippers, you must be waiting to know about the latest styles in casual slippers. Without further ado, let's dive deep into these styles: 


Latest Women's Slippers for Casual Wear 

These four slipper-style options can easily upgrade your summer shoe wardrobe:


If you love an open-toe style, flip-flops are for you. These comfortable slippers come with a front strap forming a Y shape between the big and the index toe. They are also open from the back, making them ideal summer wear. 

Commonly, flip-flops are made from plastic or rubber. You can find two broad categories in this style. They include: 

Flat Flip - Flops 

As the name suggests, the slippers come with a flat sole. You can wear them indoors, on a hot sandy beach, or even in the bathroom. 

High Heel Flip – Flops 

Compared with flats, these slippers come with a thick sole. The sole is soft and gives extra height to the short heightened women. Apart from that, the bottom is not thick only from the back, which is the case in high-heeled sandals. It spreads from the front to the back, providing extra support and comfort. 

Flip–Flop Embellishments 

The styles and embellishments of flip-flops are not limited to a rubber strap. Every time you look for these slippers, you will find something new and exciting. These are some of the common embellishments for this footwear: 

  • Gems 
  • Flowers 
  • Bows 
  • Beads 
  • Ribbons 


Another trendiest style on our list is the wedge sandal. This footwear is ideal for those who want more ankle support with stability and comfort. Similar to the high heel flip-flops, their sole extends towards the back. That is how it provides a two-fold experience of style and comfort. 

However, wedges do not have a Y-thong at the front. You can find them in partially or fully closed-toe style. Not just this, but there is an ankle strap as well. With the adjustability option in it, you can set the strap as per your comfort. 

Luckily, wedges also come in multiple styles. Here are some of them: 

Metallic Wedges 

Your guess is right. These wedges have a metallic strap. Footwear designers use different ways to style these metallic strips. The ankle and toe strap is in metallic material, whereas the material of the bottom varies. 

Transparent Wedges 

This wedge style is trendy and, at the same time, easy on the pocket. Wondering why? You can wear them for both casual and formal looks. The wedge is in a transparent material, and so is the upper part. Apart from that, the transparent material makes it easier to pair them with any outfit, regardless of . 

Closed-Toe Wedges

You may not prefer this style for the summer season. But worry not. The front is not fully closed in this option. Only the toe part is closed, and the rest of the feet are open. A thin strap is present at the ankle for adjustment. Overall, closed-toe wedges are for those who do not want their entire feet to be visible. 

Platform Wedges 

The bottom thickness is the key difference between the platform wedges and other options. In this style, you will find the same thickness of the bottom from the front to the back. However, in the rest of the styles, the thickness of the heel is more from the front. 

Mules and Slides 

People often intermix mules with slides. But there is a difference between them. The first one comes in a closed-toe style, whereas the latter has an open toe. One thing which is the same in both styles is their back. 

In slides as well as mules, you will find an open back. This opening lets you easily slide your feet into the slipper without any hassle of adjusting the strap. However, you can find variations in the toe style. 

Here are some of the latest options: 

Mule Slipper Designs 

Leather Material 

Mules with leather on the front show a sturdy appearance. Undoubtedly, they are durable and look classy at any casual event. 

Net Material 

If you want breathable mules specifically for summer, search for the ones with a net front. Light and cool net fabric will make you feel airy even in hot summers. 

Velvet and fur Material 

Though mules made from velvet are not ideal for summer, they are still a good category for the winter season. The velvet covering with a fine fur finish keeps you warm and cosy. 

Slide Slipper Designs 

Plain Rubber Design 

When in the mood to wear something plain yet trendy, opt for the plain slides. You can wear them with a printed dress. These slides are made from rubber and come in a single colour. 

Printed Rubber Design 

Some slides have a plain sole, but their toe side is printed. You can find various options in the prints, from florals to symbols. 

Two Strap Design 

Slides don't necessarily have a single broad strap. There can also be two straps, with a buckle on one of them. This design is equally trendy and gives you a perfect casual look. 

Fabric Design 

The toe covering of slides also comes in a fabric material. Trying out the fabric design is not a bad idea if you are bored with wearing the rubber slides. 


You can choose comfortable pumps when you don't want to dress up in heavy heels. Most of the options in pumps are flat. However, you can also find some pumps with small block heels. Apart from covering your feet from the side and the front, pumps keep them airy from the centre. 

Like every other type of sandal, pumps also offer various categories for you. Let us have a look: 

Embroidered Pumps 

Pumps adorned with beautiful embroideries can make you stand out if it's some event. The intricate details on these pumps are made from thread embroidery. You can match them with the outfit for a perfect look!

Plain Pumps 

Pumps are often the right choice for everyday office or college wear. Trying out plain pumps is not a bad idea when you want a simple yet trendy look. Purchase colours like black, brown, and beige. In this way, pairing them with any outfit will no longer be a problem. 

Embellished Pumps 

You can also wear pumps in a formal summer event. Search for pumps with embellishments like studs, beads, and buckles. Such add-ons give a classy look to this footwear, making it perfect for events and festivals. 

Bow–Style Pumps 

A pump with a bow on its top is everyone's favourite. Especially in summer when the weather is hot; breathable pumps with light colours and beautiful bows look amazing. Some pumps come with a ribbon bow, while others are styled with a bow made from jute. 

Things to see when Buying Slippers for Summer 

After going through the above slipper designs, you must be planning to shop for your favourite pair. But wait, read about the elements that are essential to note when purchasing summer slippers. These factors are given below: 


Decide where you want to wear the slippers. Do you want to use them while doing the house chores, walking to the park, or for long distances? 

At times, you do not want the footbed made from velvet material. But what if you want to use the slippers inside the house? When the air conditioner is usually on in summer, you can even buy velvet slippers. 

However, if you want slippers for the pool, you must look out for waterproof slippers. Similarly, decide for how long you need to wear the slipper. Do you often want to take them off? In that case, slides, which are easy to wear, are a good option. 

On the other hand, if you want formal slippers for office use, you can buy ones with a wedge heel and an adjustable strap on the ankle. 


The next thing to note is the material of the slippers. Summer slippers come in various materials. You can choose the ones that suit your needs. Here are some of the common materials: 


Rubber slippers are the right choice when you want slippers for walking to the park or visiting a sandy beach. They are washable, and the footbed won't make your feet sweat. 


Leather slippers are a bit formal. But they are equally comfortable. Faux leather especially gives your feet a soft feel. You can buy leather sandals for office wear or semi-formal parties. 


Women also wear slippers made from jute during summer. However, you cannot wash them, and they are not a good choice for long distances. 


Just like every other thing, price is an essential factor to note. Compare prices of different slippers but make sure to compare their quality too. You can invest in pricey slippers if you live in a place where the weather is usually hot. 

Wrapping It Up 

By now, you must have got a fair idea of choosing the best summer slippers. Thankfully, various categories are available in the market. Go through each of them and pick the one that fits your feet. Also, keep the material, usage, and price in mind before you shop. 


You can find a massive collection of summer slippers at 1st step. Our alluring designs can help you enjoy summer in style. Shop now and avail exclusive discount offers!

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