Ultimate guide for styling ladies’ handbags

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Ultimate guide for styling ladies’ handbags

From keeping your mobile phone, wallet, and other essentials, a ladies' handbag accompanies a woman everywhere.

No matter where you go and what the occasion is, your handbag will always be the first and most essential item to be carried every time. However, styling yourself with the right type of bag, according to the occasion and your clothing, can become a bit of a challenging task. With many style options, fashion trends and colours and practicality to consider, you'll soon be lost and left confused.

Ladies' handbags come in various styles: tote bags, shoulder bags, clutch bags, bucket bags, and the list goes on. However, styling different bags depending on the body type, outfit, and occasion can take time and effort.

How to choose a perfect ladies’ handbag

While choosing a bag, it's essential to remember the amount of space you require, the type of ladies' bag you want, and the colour that will look appealing and enhance the grace of your personality.

No doubt, it's a matter of choice and prime selection depending on every individual, but it's essential to go for the one that should look perfect on you. In this blog, you can discover some prominent fashion tips you must be aware of when styling your ladies' handbag.

Things to consider while buying a handbag

So let's quickly overview this guide about the things to consider when buying a ladies' handbag.


Every penny of yours is of great worth. Spending it wisely on a high-quality product rather than wasting it on something with less durability is wiser. The most important thing to consider while buying a ladies' handbag is the quality where; it shouldn't be compromised. Save money on a handbag of premium quality compared to getting bags at a cheaper but low rate.


If you're searching for a regular-wear bag, then go for neutral colours such as; white, black, brown, and peach. These shades would excellently match the majority of your outfits at any time. These solid nude colours will enhance your personality and be suitable for you to wear, especially during the day.

However, dark bold and pastel colours such as; red, blue, grey and dusty pink will be excellent options for daily usage, especially for work.

Perfect size and weight

One of the significant aspects to consider when buying ladies' handbags is their perfect size and weight. If you want a bag for more storage, go for a spacious style like a Tote bag or one with more compartments rather than a substantial, bulky bag that will hamper your appearance.

If you spend a lot of time carrying your bag, it's better to make sure it doesn't weigh a lot. So, when purchasing, check if the bag is lightweight and that it won't add too much additional weight along with your essentials,


The material selection for your handbag is another factor to be aware of. You must use a bag with a suitable material that fits your activities, the weather and other environmental factors. For example, a bag made of suede or velvety textures would be highly impractical if you're travelling a lot on busy streets. Foreign materials and dust particles could quickly get attached to your bag and affect its appearance.

Choosing a bag made of durable and high-quality material could benefit you in the long run compared to the cheaper versions that would lose their initial appearance much faster.

Choosing a ladies’ bag according to your body type

Choosing the right handbag for yourself can make a remarkable difference in your look. It's essential to select the style and the size of the bag that will suit your body type. To look perfect, you need to know what kind of ladies' handbag will best fit you.

Pear-shaped body

Choose ladies' handbags of waist length rather than choosing long-shoulder handbags. It will draw attention to your midsection. Be careful of carrying bags that shouldn't fall from below your waist.

Big-busted body:

To create a difference in the illusion of the outlines of your body, avoid shoulder bags with short straps or unstructured shapes if you have a triangle-shaped body. It will draw attention to your chest area. However, hard leather tote bags will be perfect for you.

Slim-shaped body:

To give you a curvy bold look, look for those shoulder bags that are long-strapped and fall to your lower area. It will enhance your figure and will create a well-structured look.

Long heightened body

Being a woman of extra height with a slim figure, you must avoid oversized ladies' handbags that would elongate your look more. Try to go with small, slouchy bags like clutches.

The right co-ordination of bags for your occasion

Choosing the right handbag is just as important as choosing the right dress for yourself, depending on the occasion.

Although there would be several handbag options in your wardrobe, choosing the right one for every occasion is necessary. Below are the tips to help you select the perfect bag for your event.

Handbags for workplace

To maintain your professional look at your workplace, you should opt for tote bags with solid or nude colours as per your dress. It will give your attire an elegant and sophisticated look and provide much capacity to carry many items inside, including your files or important papers.

Handbags for daily use

For daily usage, chic cross or shoulder bags will be your best go-to option. It will keep your hands free and make you feel comfortable roaming around while shopping or hanging out with friends. You can get multiple sizes, styles, and designs from numerous options for ladies' handbags.

Handbags for formal parties

A Clutch will be a splendid item to carry while attending formal events, parties, or other special occasions. You can get them in various designs, colours, and styles that you think will go out with your party wear.

Handbags for travel

Everybody wants to be comfortable while travelling. For travel, the best options for you are to carry our backpacks or crossbody shoulder bags. You will get ample space for your essentials without feeling uncomfortable.

We’ve reached the end of our style guide. So, what's your favourite style of handbag? Follow our blogs for more tips and trends for the fashion-lover in you. Get your perfect look at 1st Look. Shop online or at our stores to get the latest and trendiest ladies' handbags and much more.

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