Classic Winter Shoes for Men: From Sneakers to Boots

Classic Winter Shoes for Men: From Sneakers to Boots

Finally, the winter season has knocked on your door. Get ready to set your wardrobe for this cold season. It's all about cozy jackets, comfy mufflers, and knitted caps. But what about the footwear?

Getting cold and dry feet becomes inevitable when you don't have a suitable pair of winter shoes. Whether it's about commuting for work or attending evening parties, winter footwear is a must thing.

Luckily, a variety of footwear options are designed for this season. You can create an impressive style statement with the right pair of winter shoes. Keep reading this post, as we will cover:


No matter which season it is, sneakers are the first choice. Their comfort, covering, and support make them an ideal footwear category. Be it an early morning walk, a casual meet-up, or even a semi-casual party, sneakers are always preferred.

Unfortunately, not all of you know about the purpose and benefits of every sneaker. Knowing them will help you make the most of your investment. You have landed at the right place. Below are some key points for you!

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Types of Sneakers for the Winter Season

Sneakers are created from a variety of materials. These include leather, knitted, suede, canvas, and more. Not just this, but many different styles are also available. But which style can you pick for the winter season? Let's find out:

Leather Sneakers

Also known as dress sneakers, they bring innovation to the traditional sneaker style. Commonly, synthetic leather is used for these sneakers. The leather material makes the shoes stand out with classiness. Men can opt for leather sneakers to achieve a smart-casual look.

Canvas Sneakers

For those who want to have sneakers for a casual winter look, canvas material is the right choice. It is a cloth material made from hemp. If there is no extreme cold in your city, canvas sneakers can give you a soft and comfy feel.

Suede Sneakers

Another good option is the suede sneakers. Just like leather, suede is also a consideration for a semi-casual look. Many shoe designers also introduced sneakers in a combination of both leather and suede. Pair them with classy jeans and a plain cardigan to flaunt a stylish winter look.

Hi-Top Sneakers

When you want to get a boot-style look in sneakers, opt for Hi-Top sneakers. As the name suggests, they offer more covering from the back due to a hi-top design. However, don't pair them with loose pants; choose fitted pants and a trendy jacket.

Retro Sneakers

If you love the traditional sneaker design, retro sneakers are for you. Their front lace design gives a perfect grip, making them ideal for winter. The velcro sneakers are opposite to retro, as they have straps on the front. However, velcros are more suitable for summer.

Other Sneakers

When it comes to sneakers, sports and athletic activities often come to mind. This is because many sneakers are designed specifically for specific sports activities.

Even in winter, avoiding the sports and outdoors is impossible, or you will miss all the fun. The right pair of sports shoes for men or women gives the perfect comfort and a cozy feel. Here are a few options:

Athletic Sneakers

Athletic shoes are a good choice even if you are not a gym goer. In Pakistan, these sneakers have been trending for a long time. Most men prefer wearing them in casual meet-ups, morning walks, and for everyday use. They have a tight grip and a comfy sole that gives you a cozy feel in winter.

Trail shoes

These are the running shoes often used by runners for long-distance running. However, others can also use them outdoors. Buying a pair of trail shoes is not a bad idea if you live in an area where harsh winter rains are expected. They are designed in a way that protects your feet from debris and injuries. You will also enjoy the soft cushioning and the lightweight of the shoes.

Soccer shoes

If you are into sports activities like football and rugby, have a look at soccer shoes. These shoes are specifically designed for football players. The shoes are lightweight and made from breathable material to give perfect comfort. Additionally, they provide good traction and help players enhance performance.

Tennis shoes

Just like soccer, there are tennis shoes for tennis players. Never try to save by wearing running shoes for tennis. Both of the shoes are designed for different purposes. Tennis shoes are specifically made for side, short forward, and backward movements. They offer good lateral support and come with thick outsoles for injury prevention.

What to Look for in Winter Sneakers?

Now, you must have got an idea about the various types of sneakers. For your ease, we have compiled a few basic elements that will help you choose the best winter shoes for men. Here they are:


In winter, one primary concern is the warmth of the shoes. To have a good idea of it, never buy winter shoes in summer. Buying in the peak season will help you experience whether the shoes are warm enough or not.


It is another important consideration, especially when you want to wear shoes for a long time. Carefully check the shoes by walking and sitting. Also, notice the insoles and the lacing feature. Most importantly, wear the shoes with socks to know their comfort level and the proper size.


Who loves carrying a lot of weight? Always choose lightweight shoes. Some winter shoes are not as light as summer sneakers, but they shouldn't be too heavy. Try different shoes and pick a pair that is light and warm at the same time.

Ankle Support

Another essential thing to note is the ankle support. Most people consider only warmth when buying winter shoes. Even the warmest shoes can become problematic if they lack support. Poor ankle support may also result in injuries and cause discomfort.


Do not miss the styling fun, even in winter. Undoubtedly, warmth and comfort are two essential factors for winter shoes; style is another mandatory element. Try various styles and opt for the one that gives you the desired look.


When we talk about men's shoes for winter, the first thing that comes to mind is the boots. People living in the northern areas of Pakistan face extreme cold spells with snowfall and rain now and then. Boots provide perfect protection and comfort to survive the chilly season.

People visiting the northern side of Pakistan from other cities also purchase boots. Due to its style and functionality, the footwear is also considered essential for most fashion enthusiasts.

What are Boots?

Compared to the traditional shoes, boots are higher. Some boots cover the ankle, while others also cover some part of the lower leg. They keep your feet warm, besides protecting you from injuries.

Types of Boots for the Winter Season

You must be waiting to learn about the various styles of boot shoes for men. Without further ado, let's begin:

Chelsea Boots

One of the simplest yet classic categories in boots is the Chelsea boots. Their overall design is plain, with no laces. You can find elastic sides that help you wear the boots with ease.

Commonly, these are available in leather and are used for minimalistic fashion. You can select them for formal as well as casual gatherings. However, be careful in choosing the right toe style. Formal Chelsea boots come with a pointed toe, whereas casual ones have a rounded toe.

Monk Strap Boots

Want to reveal your elegant and sophisticated personality? Get your hands on the Monk Strap boots. They look like formal dress shoes but have a little height from the ankle. Two straps are also given with a buckle on the ankle side, and the rest of the boots are plain.

Pair these dressier boots with a formal suit, and you are good to go. Monk Straps will always satisfy your needs whether you want to dress up for a wedding or an office meeting.

Oxford Boots

When you don't want to wear long boots, consider this category. The short-style boots look appealing, extending just a bit more from the ankle side. There is a lacing system on the front to give your feet a perfect grip.

Oxfords are ideal for achieving a distinctive casual look in winter. They are available in various colors and look great with a cardigan or hoodie paired with jeans.

Chukka Boots

If you want something to use all year round, Chukka boots are here for you. They look similar to dress shoes as they have very low ankles. One distinctive feature is their eyelets, which are just 2-3. There is an open lacing system, and the toe box comes in round shape.

Derby Boots

Similar to Oxfords, Derby boots are another option for a smart-casual appearance. Their open lacing system is what differentiates them from Oxfords. They are ideal for those who do not prefer boots tight from the ankles.

The high ankle design gives a perfect look for winter. A leather jacket and jeans in dark color will seamlessly complement these classic boots.

Jodhpur Boots

Want to purchase ideal men's shoes for the upcoming winter weddings? Jodhpur boots will never disappoint you. They present a perfect fusion of dress shoes and boots. There is no lacing system but a buckle and a strap are present to adjust the fitting. Both of these things get hidden in the hem of the pants. What's visible is just the plain texture of the shoe.

What to Look for in Boots?

When there are so many options, choosing the right pair of boots may become difficult. Keep a few things in mind to make the right choice:


If you are not a frequent shoe buyer, try to purchase boots in basic colors. Colors like beige, black, and brown can complement almost every outfit. Most designers recommend dark colors for winter. So black and brown are the two most high-demanding colors in boots.


Undoubtedly, boots are trending this winter. Last year also, your social media feed must have shown you various celebrities in boots. If you are a strict fashion follower, purchase the most trending boots.


You can find boots in various heights. High boots cover almost half of your lower leg, whereas low boots are shorter. Some boots are just an inch bigger than your ankles. See which height of boots you prefer. High boots give you more warmth and are used to add a sense of additional height. If you are already a tall-heightened man, you won't need a very high boot unless you want additional warmth.


Like other footwear options, boots are also available in various materials. Commonly, people wear leather and synthetic boots. Choosing a particular material also depends on your preference. If you want something breathable, go for synthetic material. Likewise, if you are a fan of leather, pairing leather shoes with a leather jacket is not a bad idea.

Wrapping It Up

As the weather is changing with each passing day, get ready to revamp your shoe wardrobe. No need to compromise on the style game when endless choices are available. Stand out with remarkable winter footwear this time! You can browse our latest winter men's shoes to confidently style for upcoming events.