Discovering the Diversity of Festive Men's Footwear

Discovering the Diversity of Festive Men's Footwear

Whether going for a grand dinner or attending an office meet-up, you always want to dress up in formal attire. Men usually prefer having a bold statement look with a coat, suit, tie, and a pair of formal shoes.

Likewise, for wedding events, a formal appearance is what you need. Wedding celebrations in Pakistan are a reflection of traditional Eastern culture. Months before the wedding, the process of selecting an ideal wedding dress begins. But footwear also holds key importance in portraying a sophisticated groom look.

So, no matter what the event is, we are here with a detailed guide. Know which shoe styles are trending this year and what colors are available. Also, discover various categories of festive men's shoes and sandals.

In the end, we will share some tips and recommend a few ideal styles for every event. Let's begin:

Men's Footwear Style Guide for Formal Functions

Showcase your unique styling sense at every event. Here are some top recommendations for you:

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Top 5 Men's Shoes for the Formal Attire

To get a perfect formal appearance, you can have a look at the following options:


If you want to invest in a one-fit-for-all shoe, Oxfords are the right choice. These classic shoes originated in the 19th century and are always trending. They have a closed lacing system on the top and are narrower in structure.

You can find them in multiple styles and colors. Oxfords with broguing are also commonly available. But if you want a classic formal appearance, go for black Oxfords.


When you get bored of wearing the same plain shoes, you can try Brogues. Punch-hole detailing is their signature style. Their basic structure is of Oxfords, but what makes them different are the details on the top. The best part is you can use them for both semi-formal and formal looks.


Derby is another option for easy wearability and flexibility. They come with an open lacing system that makes it easier to adjust the shoe. People with high insteps prefer wearing these shoes. You can choose Derby shoes for formal as well as semi-formal events.

Monk Straps

Another recommendation on our list is the Monk Straps. Like Oxfords, they also enhance your elegance, giving a top-tier formal look. However, their style is different. Instead of the lacing system, you will find straps on these shoes. Either a single or a double strap with a statement buckle adds to their sophistication.

Dress Boots

You might not have thought about wearing dress boots for a formal look. Give it a try this time. They are ideal for the mid-season when the weather is neither too cold nor too hot. Pair them up with suitable dress pants and a contrasting shirt. You can choose dress boots for any office event or even for weddings.

Eastern Men's Sandals for Formal Events – Peshawari Chappal

When it comes to formal appearances with an Eastern touch, Peshawari Chapal tops the list. These handmade sandals are famous all over Pakistan. Whether it's a traditional festival or a wedding event, men in Pakistan are commonly seen in this stunning footwear.

Not just one, but you can find various designs in these sandals. The top part is either plain or textured. However, when it comes to the border, multiple variations are present. Some are plain, while others come in thread work.

Comfort and Material of Peshawari Chappals

These traditional sandals are made from different materials such as leather, velvet, or textured fabric. For a formal appearance, men usually prefer Peshawari chappal in leather. They have a shine and glow that helps you stand out from the crowd.

Peshawari sandals are also great for comfort. Skilled craftsmen add padded insoles for extra cushioning. You won't feel the hardness of the leather, and wearing them for a long time becomes easier.

Different Categories of Peshawari Chappals:

  • Charsadda chappal 
  • Classic Peshawari chappal 
  • Kaptaan chappal 
  • Lahori chappal 
  • Khyber chappal 

So, dress up with an Eastern formal touch in these Peshawari chappals. Pair them up with a plain kameez shalwar and a waistcoat. This style goes well for weddings, traditional events, festivals, etc.

Blend of Tradition and Modernity – Dress Loafers

Loafers are commonly considered for semi-casual and casual looks. But dress loafers can also be worn with formal attire. You can pair these loafers with a formal dress suit. The best thing is loafers can be worn with both a shalwar kameez and a coat suit.

They are available in various designs and colors. You can choose colors like black, brown, or grey for a more formal touch. These colors go well with a variety of dresses.

Loafers are open from the top. Only the toe part and the sides are covered. Wearing socks is up to your wish. Most men prefer wearing socks of a suitable color that blends with the entire look.

Which loafers can you wear?

Loafers are available in different categories like penny loafers, tassel loafers, Belgian loafers, etc. If you don't prefer having adornments on the loafers, go for the plain ones. However, if you want an embellished touch, you can try tassel or penny loafers. They have a small leather tassel on the front or a metal buckle on the top.

Apart from the traditional loafer style, slip-on loafers are also there. Though they might not be a good choice for every formal event, they are trending. You can pair them up with a kurta pajama or even with a pant shirt for a semi-formal look.

No matter which style you choose, consider adding loafers to your list. This flexible footwear has been displayed by many models on the ramps. Also, celebrities can be seen wearing loafers at parties and other events.

Styling Tips for Formal Events

Always Consider the Occasion

Men's formal shoes have both Eastern and Western categories. It is the reason why considering the event is important. You cannot wear Eastern-style sandals with a formal coat suit. Likewise, you should prefer Eastern footwear for traditional dresses like shalwar kameez, kurta pajama, etc.

Let's discuss a few events and see which formal shoe can be the right choice for each of them:

Reveal Elegance at Corporate Events

Office reunions, meetings, and celebrations call for formal attire. Consider formal shoes with a pointed-toe box for such events. These shoes are plain and come with a closed lacing system. Avoid wearing boots and loafers, as closed shoes give you a more formal look. Plain yet gleaming formal shoes are enough to make you stand out of the crowd.

At some corporate gatherings, you get to know the dress code beforehand. These days, business casual attire is common. Even for routine working days, many organizations follow this dress code. But do not mix it up with sneakers and joggers. You will need loafers, monk straps, or Chelsea boots, even for a business casual look.

Choose Something Different for Academic Convocations/Award Ceremonies

Just like corporate events, formal attire is mandatory in award functions and academic convocations. You dress up with a collared shirt and formal pants for such events. For the footwear too, you should choose something formal. Closed-pointed shoes, monk straps, brogues, or oxfords are some good options. You can also consider formal leather shoes. No matter which style you opt for, it should complement your dress.

Showcase An Eastern Touch on Pre-Wedding Functions

Pakistani weddings have music nights, mehndi, mayon, baraat, reception, and whatnot. The pre-wedding functions are all about fun and celebrations. You don't need to dress up like a marriage-day groom but still have to look unique. Dress up in an Eastern style besides looking different.

Try to opt for simple yet classic footwear. Plain men's sandals paired with kameez shalwar and a waistcoat are an ideal choice for this day. One suitable shoe category for such events is the Peshawari chappals.

Peshawari chappals have their unique class. Black, brown, or grey Peshawari sandals with a gleaming look can give you a decent yet attractive appearance.

Additionally, you can have a look at loafers. Loafers are also available in plain and gleaming material. Pair them with a stunning kurta pajama, and you are ready for a striking appearance.

Tips for Color, Comfort, and Material

Why do some men wear white shoes while others prefer black, brown, or metallic grey? But wait, you must have seen men wearing maroon-red shoes. Likewise, how do men comfortably wear formal shoes during a nine-hour job? And what is the secret behind choosing the right shoe material?

Here are the solutions for all of these:

Stand Out with A Contrasting Color

The number 1 tip on our list is choosing a contrasting color for your shoes. Avoid matching the shoe color with your outfit. If you are wearing a navy-blue suit and pair it with the same color of shoes, it won't add much to your style. However, if you wear black, brown, or grey shoes with it, you will be noticed even from a distance.

Pay Attention to The Material


One of the most popular materials in men's sandals and shoes is leather. You can find shoes made of different types of leather. However, if you want the most ideal leather shoes, go for the ones made from full-grain leather. Other qualities in leather include top-grain leather, corrected-grain leather, vegetable-tanned leather, etc.

Patent Leather

You must have seen men's shoes that have shine and gloss. It is due to the patent leather that is plastic coated to get the shine and glossy appearance.

Synthetic Material

If you need a budget-friendly option, shoes made from synthetic material can be the right fit. They are more suitable for the winter season due to less breathability. But you can use them for a semi-formal look or casual look, not for a black-tie event.


Those who prefer velvety texture can have a look at shoes made from suede material. Like synthetic material, it is also suitable for semi-casual and casual shoes. You can opt for them if the season is not rainy, as suede is best-suited for dry climates.

Wrapping It Up

By now, you must have decided which pair of formal shoes to buy this time. Whether you are dressing up in a coat suit or traditional shalwar kameez, shoe choices are endless.

If you want one solution for both looks, go for loafers. Or, if you strictly want a collared shirt and tie look, look for Oxfords and Derby. Traditional Peshawari sandals are also there to give you an Eastern-inspired look.

Take your time. Consider the event and decide your look before you purchase a pair of formal shoes. 1st Step is here with all the categories of festive men's shoes and sandals under one roof. From classic formal shoes to slippers for men and women, you can find everything in the latest designs and colors. Check out our new collection!