Eid collection 2023 designer shoes and handbags

Eid collection 2023 designer shoes and handbags

Eid is just around the corner. Apart from the attire, shoes and a classy handbag is what you need to complete the look. But, like every year, you must be planning to stand out with a unique yet sophisticated style. 

Fortunately, you have landed at the right place. This article highlights the trendiest shoes and handbags for this Eid. Not just this, but you can also find out some valuable suggestions for Gents shoes. So, without wasting any time, let’s get started!

Contemporary styled ladies’ shoes 

When it comes to the Eid look, most people prefer buying something embellished and adorned. But don’t forget to consider your feet’ shape when choosing heels. You can purchase fancy heels in both mules and slides, depending on your outfit.

If you have broad feet, mules will fit you well. In the other case, you can try out slides. You have endless choices in this party-wear category of women’s shoes. Let’s find out:

Embellished sandals with block heels 

Block heels are ever-green. You can stand out from the mob in these traditionally styled heels. This modern footwear option is ideal for those who don’t feel comfortable in pointed heels. Since these heels are square in shape, walking becomes easier and more comfortable. 

You can find a variety of embellishments in block heels. If you are wearing a heavily adorned dress, pair it with lightly embellished block heels. Or, if your Eid outfit is not too formal, it’s a bit towards the casual side; try to pair it with block heels having bows and floral arrangements on the front. 

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Pointed heel sandals 

Nothing can beat the classiness of pointed heels. Widely known for their modern style and sophistication, women love wearing these heels on every occasion. And buying them for this Eid is not a bad idea if you are comfortable wearing them. 

Especially if you are wearing trousers with broad bottoms, pointed heels will look the best. Or, even if you are wearing straight pants with a long shirt, these heels are the ideal choice. The toe part of this footwear comes in multiple styles.

Ranging from silver and golden stones to flowers and colourful beads, you can opt for the one that matches the outfit. 

Embroidered wedge heels 

Wedges are a perfect combination of style and comfort. These sandals have overall support from the toe part to the heel. The heel part is thicker compared to the front toe side. 

Women usually prefer wedges for uneven surfaces and grassy floors. Wedges can be your perfect companion if you are planning to have dinner in the garden this time on Eid. 

And you will be amazed to know that wedges are now available with embroideries. Yes, multi-coloured thread embroidery on the entire wedge is ideal for having the perfect traditional look. If you don’t like too much work, plain wedges with just front stones can do the job!

Stone studded flats 

Heels are not the only footwear for formal wear. Fancy flats with intricate details of stones and beads also give you an elegant look. You can opt for this category if you are already a tall person.

Apart from that, if heels are difficult to wear, embellished flats are there to give you a formal look. There are numerous style options under this group.

You must have seen people wearing flat flip-flop sandals. It has a Y thong, and the strap comes with stone embellishments. Likewise, there are mules, slides, and gladiators too. 

Formal transparent heels 

At times, if you get bored of repeatedly wearing a similar sandal style, try out transparent heels. These heels look elegant and classy, giving you a modern feel. Both block and pointed heel styles are available in the transparent heel category.

Likewise, some transparent heels come with a transparent front. It means you can easily pair them with any outfit and put an end to the trouble of colour matching. The transparent front usually comprises one or two straps on the toe side with no colour.

However, you still have many options if you want some colour in the heels. Some of these sandals have transparent heels but a coloured toe strap. Either way, the heels are perfect for this Eid. 

Sophisticated gents shoes and sandals 

Since Eid is a religious festival, most men wear Kameez Shalwar on this occasion. It is the reason why men’s sandals are more in demand before Eid. If you are planning to purchase something for your husband, brother, male colleagues, or friends, a formal sandal is a good idea. 

But purchase the ones that are trending for this Eid. Here are a few good options in Eid Collection 2023.

Casual sandals 

Casual men’s sandals are usually made from leather or rubber. However, men prefer wearing leather sandals for Eid and other special occasions. Leather is known to be expensive and gives a royal feel.

That is why leather sandals are always in demand. But not all leather sandals are costly. You can easily find some affordable sandals in leather material. 

In some sandals, only the sole is made of leather. However, in others, the front straps are also made from the same leather material. Have a look at different styles and choose the one that looks the best!

Extra cushion sandals 

People often search for the most comfortable footwear option for age-old people. If you are planning to buy sandals for your father or anyone who wants extra comfort, cushion sandals are the right choice. 

This footwear for men comes with a padded sole. The cushion on the sole is made from foam, ideal for a comfortable and soft feel. It is best suited for those who want to wear sandals for a long duration.

Peshawari sandals 

You must have heard about Peshawari sandals. On Eid, many people opt for this footwear due to its traditional elegance. Peshawar is the origin of these sandals. But today, Peshawari sandals are available everywhere in Pakistan. 

You have a good choice of colours in these sandals. Ranging from single colours to shaded and double tones, the variety of sandals suits people of all ages. As far as the design is concerned, it comes in a closed-back style. 

There is a strap and a buckle for the back fitting. From the front, the sandal is completely covered. Black and brown leather is mainly used for the front. But you can also get one with a rubber front. 

As a recommendation, shiny leather Peshawari sandals are a must-buy for this Eid!

Roman sandals 

As the name suggests, Rome is the origin of these sandals. But today, these sandals are also available in Pakistan.

What attracts people the most about this sandal is its comfy footbed. Its front covering comes in a criss-cross strap with either plain or shaded colour. There is an adjustable ankle strap too with an attachment of a buckle. Men in Pakistan wear these sandals with traditional kameez shalwar or jeans paired with a T-shirt. 


Men in Pakistan also wear loafers with a kameez shalwar. The style is becoming popular as many celebrities and male models appear in loafers. These shoes come in a low-cut and covered-toe design.

Loafers can easily slip and do not have buckles, laces, and straps. Commonly, they are made from suede material and high-quality leather.

Modern ladies handbags 

After the outfit and footwear, one essential thing is still missing. That is a handbag! Whether you are a teenage girl or a mom, giving and collecting Eid gifts and Eidi becomes easier when you have a bag to carry stuff. 

Apart from that, the style and sophistication of modern handbags add grace to your look. Multiple choices are available for you; let’s find out what each one has to offer: 

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Clutch bags 

If you prioritise style and searching for a stylish evening bag, there is no better option than a clutch. Though most clutches do not have a lot of space, they add a sense of style. However, a few envelopes can perfectly fit in!

Round, square, rectangular, and many other shapes are there for you. Similarly, you can find these bags in multiple colours. But try to opt for gold or silver tones. This way, you can pair them with any fancy outfit. 

Crossbody bags 

Though people purchase crossbody bags for a casual look, teenage girls can still use them for Eid. They have a long strap that comes diagonal to the body across the chest. Some women also hang these bags just like shoulder bags. 

The main purpose of crossbodies is to make your hands free! 

Hard shell bags 

Bags with a hardcover are an excellent choice for a unique statement. There is no difference in the inside space and look of these bags. The only difference is their outer part, which is hard. 

Hard shell bags give a formal touch and are best suited for formal gatherings. You can use them in the daytime as well as at evening gatherings. 

With these options in bags and shoes, choosing a perfect pair for your Eid outfit must have become easier. Don’t waste more time; select your style and go for the one that looks the best!

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