How To Choose The Best Shoes For Men

How To Choose The Best Shoes For Men

No matter your age range, you will always need a perfect pair of shoes for that special occasion. When buying a pair of shoes for men, it's essential to understand what type of shoes would compliment your attire. The right shoes play a vital role in making or breaking your appearance, no matter your occasion.

So, if you want to refine your look, we have the best guide to help you out when it comes to gents' footwear.

Types Of Shoes for Men

Whether going to a meeting or attending an evening family event, what you wear represents your personality. When it comes to men's fashion, similar to women's, options are endless. Depending on your ensemble for the day, you can opt for choices like black leather or a suede brown formal shoe. Obviously, factors like the occasion, time of day, location, and dress code requirements (if present) must be considered. Among the types of gents' footwear that are available, here are some well-known and go-to styles:

  • Oxford
  • Loafers
  • Monk straps
  • Brogue
  • Moccasins
  • Sneakers

Let's take a closer look at a few of these styles.


Oxfords are admirable classic shoes that are essential to every gentleman's closet. They are featured with a leather lace-up closing design, giving a neat and polished look, and are best to wear with suits and formals. You can even dress oxfords for offices, parties, dinners, or even during weddings. If a classic formal is what you're after, then Oxfords are your best choice.

Invest yourself in the best shoes for men that will be a perfect addition to your wardrobe, and Oxfords won't be going out of style any time soon.

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Loafers go best with the casual or smart-fit look. Moccasin cut, slip-on-laceless shoes with comfort and style. It is designed to give a stylish, relaxed look while enhancing your personality.

You can opt for jeans and a denim jacket with a turtleneck sweater or shirt beneath to give a classy vibe that's perfect for a smart-casual dinner or outing.

Monk Straps

Monk straps will be perfect for less formal or semi-casual outfits with a coordinated look of your attire. It will be best to choose an outfit that's traditional and versatile. It consists of a strap across the top with one or two buckles. Be sleek and stylish; pair them with a nice button-up shirt, blazer, and formal pants.

Now that we've looked into a few main types of men's shoes, let's head towards vital factors when purchasing your favourite pair.

Find Shoes That Fit Your Perfect Size

Picking the right pair of shoes can be tricky and complicated most of the time. While choosing, you often need to remember to keep in mind a few essential facts that should be considered when buying gents' footwear.

Let's look at the tips that can make it easy for you to choose the best men's shoes for all kinds of occasions.

Measure Your Feet

You will only be comfortable wearing shoes that are your size. Therefore, when buying online, it's necessary to measure the length and width of your feet correctly with the help of a standard measuring tape. It's better to trace your feet on a piece of white paper first and then measure it.

Examine The Sole of Your Shoe

Make sure to choose a pair of shoes with a sole that has a good grip. A thick and sturdy sole will prevent your foot from getting hurt and avoid any slippery accidents. It's best to go for shoes with the sole stitched to above rather than being glued, as it indicates the premium quality of the shoes.

Walk Around to Check the Fit

If you're purchasing in-store, walk around the store while wearing the shoes you want to buy to confirm how comfortable they are. They should be tight enough and should stay on your heels.

Shop During the End of The Day

Try to do your shoe shopping at the end of the day. This is because feet tend to naturally swell by this time. Finding the perfect pair of gents' footwear is best when your feet are at their largest, ensuring a proper fitting.

Wear Socks While Trying New Shoes

When trying new shoes, always wear your regular socks to better understand the fitting. This will help in wearing shoes much more comfortably and will assure you what it will feel like after wearing socks. Always trust your comfort rather than depending on the information or description mentioned on shoes.

Colour Combination for A Perfect Attire

A pair of black formal shoes are essential in every man's wardrobe. However, other colours in dark tones will refine the sharpness of your individuality in every attire. However, choosing the right shoe colour combination is necessary to match your outfit.

Let’s look at a few colours’ combinations


A pair of black formal shoes must be included in every man's closet. The colour black will splendidly compliment navy blue or black jeans.

Avoid pairing up black shoes with other solid colour trousers or pants, including olive, green, orange, or brown.


Dark or light brown shoes will perfectly balance a casual look. It will emphasise your light-coloured pants and solid-coloured shirt or turtleneck sweater.

Tan & White

The warm shade of colours for shoes, including warm tan and white, will be perfect if you wear a beige or cream-coloured sweater or suit.

Shoes play a vital role in building or breaking up your personality. However, choosing the best pair of shoes for men is essential, and you should know how to shop correctly. If you are planning to buy a new pair of shoes, follow this guide for a better shopping experience.

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