Khussa – An Integral Part of Festive Ladies Footwear

Khussa – An Integral Part of Festive Ladies Footwear

Asian fashion always beautifully incorporates the rich cultural heritage into the latest styles. Whether we talk about traditionally embroidered dresses or culturally-inspired jewelry pieces, examples are endless. 

One such item is Pakistani khussa. Around the globe, this footwear is known for its artistic designs, creative touch, and quality. It is mainly due to its hand-made nature. With time, a lot of variation has been made in it. But before we dive deep, let us shed light on its history: 

Khussa and the Mughals 

If you love styling like Mughals and Nawabs, khussas are the right pick for you. Wondering why? Mughal Emperor Jahangir, the son of Akbar, introduced it first. Before that, wooden khussas were made. He gave a new definition to footwear, and because of his association, it gained great popularity.  

What is Khussa and How is it Made? 

Khussa is one of the most famous traditional footwear. It is a form of slide that comes with a front closure style and a back support. Let us discuss the different parts of a khussa: 

Front Closure: The front part covers the toes and is designed in different styles. You can see colorful khussas in plain textures. Likewise, heavily embellished work is also present in some formal khussas. 

Sides: Just like the front, the sides are either plain or embroidered. It depends on the overall design of the khussa.

Back: Some modern options have an embroidered motif, intricate details, or print on the back. Otherwise, some pieces also come with a plain back. 

Sole: This bottom part is either in one or two colors. It is made of leather with a covering of soft fabric like velvet. 

Manufacturing Process of Khussa 

Khussa is made from leather material. Usually, cow's leather or animal skin is used in it. The material goes through a detailed dyeing process before its manufacturing. 

Let us discover how this beautiful footwear is made: 

Preparation of Panna 

The toe-covering part, which is an essential part of khussa, is known as Panna. Artisans prepare this part by tracing the pattern on the leather. But before this, they soak the leather so that it softens. 

Then, the pattern is cut with the help of a special knife, and holes are made. After which, a thread is passed from the holes to create embroidery designs. 

In heavily embellished wedding khussas, a different fabric is attached to the top layer. Velvet and banarsi are the two most common fabrics for a heavy look. Embroidery is done on the topmost layer, or pearls and gems are attached. 

Preparation of Tala 

Tala is the sole of the khussa. Besides style, people look for a khussa with a comfortable and soft sole. That is why multiple layers of soft leather are attached to prepare the sole. The insole is covered with a soft velvet or other kind of fabric. This way, you feel comfortable while wearing khussas. 

Preparation of the Heel 

The exact process is adopted for preparing the heel. Multiple leather layers are glued together and stitched with a soft thread to make the heel comfortable and thick. 


It is another important stage of the khussa manufacturing. Without finishing, khussa doesn't reveal its real beauty. The craftsmen cut down and hammer the extra threads. They also deeply evaluate the embroidery and stones to ensure the piece looks stunning. Additionally, they assess the comfort level and the overall quality of the piece. 

Once the khussas are prepared, they are carefully packed in a suitable box before reaching the customers. 

Why is Khussa Back in Fashion?

The Asian fashion industry always strives to keep its cultural values alive. Modifications in khussas are an excellent example of it. 

Khussa holds a unique position in the ladies' shoes and sandals category. Being an ever-green fashion item, this footwear has never been out of trend. However, many new modifications and fashion twists can be recently observed in this category. The arrival of new and modified pieces has added more options in Eastern footwear. 

What is a Modern-Day Khussa? 

Undoubtedly, khussa is back in fashion, trending on ramps, weddings, parties, and almost everywhere. But what are the distinctive characteristics of a modern-day khussa? 

Let's find out: 

Thread Work with a Twist 

Thread embroidery is not new. It has been used for ages on traditional gents and ladies' shoes, slippers, and sandals. But today, you can find more sophisticated patterns in embroidery. The craftsmen sometimes also combine threadwork with sequins to give an alluring look. 

Floral Patterns 

If you look into the plain khussa category, floral patterns are widely available. Like floral prints were trending in women's dresses, they are also popular in footwear. These basic yet colorful pieces give you a casual yet modern look. 


You can see a lot of khussa pieces with 3D embellishments. These are usually floral pieces in 3D designs, which are further adorned with sequins, beads, and stones. 

Stones and Pearls 

Some khussas also have the latest glittering embroidery details. They are made through a combination of tilla, sitara, and resham, just like the one done on clothes. As mentioned above, some of the pieces are covered with velvet and banarsi fabric. When the artisans create the embroidery details on these fabrics, they stand out. 


What to Pair with Traditional Khussa? 

If you have purchased a stunning khussa but are confused about what to pair with it, read the below list: 

Anarkali Frock 

Though a lot of options are present in ladies' shoes and sandals, Anarkali frock goes well with khussas. The dress is associated with the famous mistress Anarkali, just like the royal khussas remind us of the Mughals. That is why combining the two gives you a perfect regal appearance.  

Anarkali dress can be worn in short, medium, and long lengths. For the bottoms, a churidar pajama is used to complete the look. It is a well-fitted traditional pajama that does not cover your feet like bell-bottom trousers. 

If you pair it with an embellished khussa, it will enhance the overall appearance. Some girls also wear high heels with it, but khussas are ideal to complete the royal look. 

Kurta Pajama 

Another famous dress of the Nawabs and the royal families is Kurta Pajama. Short or medium-length kurta paired with a churidar or straight trousers look amazing. And for the footwear, nothing looks better than khussas. 

It means you can wear khussas with both Anarkali frocks and kurta pajamas. 

Shalwar Kameez 

When it comes to Pakistani dressing, one clothing option that comes into our mind is the shalwar kameez. Khussa also fits this widely known national Pakistani dress. Shalwar kameez comes in various styles. Straight shirts in different lengths are paired with different types of shalwars. Basic shalwar, Balochi shalwar, and Punjabi shalwar are a few options. No matter which style it is, khussa perfectly goes with all styles. 

Jeans and Top 

Now, here comes a twist. You can pair khussas with jeans too. However, be sure to go for basic khussas. The ones with embellishments and embroideries are purely for the desi look. 

Furthermore, remember to choose Eastern tops with jeans. Purely Western-styled shirts do not go well with khussas. For instance, you have purchased a plain khussa. Now you can pair it with blue jeans and an embroidered top. If there are multiple colors in the embroidery, matching khussa with just one color is enough. 

How to Choose the Best Pair of Khussa?

Ladies' shoes, sandals, and slippers have a lot of options in different styles and variations. The same is the case with khussa slides. Looking at so many options, you might get confused in picking the best one. 

However, considering a few points will help you make a good decision. Let us see what they are: 


You have plenty of color options, from multi-colored designs to single-tone plain khussas. If you aren't purchasing it for any specific event, go for single-colored ones. Try to opt for the basic colors like black, brown, and beige. These colors complement most of the dresses and look great. 

However, consider your outfit if you want it for a particular event. Try to match it with the less prominent color in the outfit. This way, you can create a style statement!

For instance, you can match it with the embroidery colors, finishing edges, or the color in your dupatta. 


This traditional ladies' footwear comes in a wide range of embroideries. If you love the intricate details of the Pakistani thread work, you can opt for plain embroidery. Likewise, if you want it to be a bit fancy, go for those with sequence embroidery. But other options are also present: 3D embroidery, mirrors, beads, and more. Go for these embellished pieces if you want to use khussas for parties and weddings. 


Considering the level of comfort is essential when it comes to footwear. Try velvet, banarsi, plain fabric, and other khussas to check your comfort level. Also, try different styles like the open back style, front strap style, and back closure style. Walk for a while to know if it fits you well. This way, you can get an idea of each of them. 

Bridal Footwear

Choosing Khussa for Different Occasions 

Khussa is back in the trend, and that is why fashion enthusiasts often prefer it for different events. Be it a wedding or an evening party, a dinner date, or a casual meetup, it can go with every style. Most importantly, this traditional ladies' footwear suits women of all ages. 

If you have any upcoming event, read below to choose the best khussa for it: 

Mehndi and Mayon Wedding Khussa 

Stilettos and heavily embellished heels are the first choice for a bride-to-be. But not for every wedding function. Considering the ongoing trend, brides are now choosing khussas for the pre-wedding functions. One big reason is its association with the traditional style and culture.

You can choose it for events like Dholki, Mayon, or the colorful Mehndi. Recently, many celebrities were also seen wearing khussas at their wedding functions. 

It perfectly goes with the colors and work used for the Mayon and Mehndi dresses. Girls usually prefer wearing Anarkali frocks, long kurta-styled shirts, or churidar pajamas for the Mayon. And, khussa becomes mandatory to complete the overall look. 

Sophistically Embellished Evening Party Khussa

Lightly embellished khussas are perfect to complement the evening dresses. These are the ones with 3D flowers, light sequence details, or the ones with studs. 

Girls often choose a contrasting color embellished khussa with a simple dress to complete the evening look. For instance, your dress is white and looks a bit simple. To add an attractive appeal, you can choose a black sequence khussa. 

Likewise, many celebrities match khussa with a handbag or jewelry while keeping a contrasting color for the outfit. 

Thread Embroidered Casual Gathering Khussa 

If you don't want stones, studs, and glittering details, casual khussas are also there. You can opt for a complete plain khussa with no embroidery. Or, choose the one with just threadwork. 

Plain black khussa can go with almost every dress. If you are buying an embroidered one, it can also complement a lot of casual dresses. You can easily wear it at lunch parties or a friend's meetup. 

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