Ladies' Bags: Fashion Tips for the Wedding Season

Ladies' Bags: Fashion Tips for the Wedding Season

When entering into a new chapter of life, you want to celebrate the moments in an unforgettable manner. That is why planning for the big day comes with excitement and anticipation.

However, the decisions and choices become stressful at times. Creating a long guest list, deciding on the venue, choosing the makeup artist, selecting your wedding dress, and, of course, purchasing your wedding handbag requires months of planning. 

Wedding bag - an important part of the entire ensemble needs to be as perfect as the wedding dress, jewelery, sandal, and makeup. Fortunately, you can easily find numerous styles and designs in this category of bags. But most brides find it difficult to choose one when so many choices are available. 

Fret not! We are here with a detailed guide. After reading this post, you can pick the ideal wedding handbag for your unforgettable day. Let's begin: 

Bags for the Wedding Day

The wedding day, often known as 'Baraat' in Pakistani culture, is more about traditional colors and styles. If you look at the bride's outfit for this day, it is usually a traditional lehenga, sharara, or a pishwas with heavy embroidery of pearls, stones, and sequence – something that reflects the culture and tradition of the East. 

To complement this Eastern style, try to choose wedding bags with a traditional look. Potli-style bags for the first wedding day are still trending. Many celebrities were seen carrying these bags at weddings and parties. 

But gone are the days when these potlis were designed from the material of the bride's outfit. The bag used to give the same look as the outfit, which is no longer trending. Today, these bags are available in different materials with sequence embroideries, pearls, stones, etc. 

Tip: Choose Traditional Bags with a Modern Look

Modern-day Pakistani brides prefer having the wedding bag in a contrasting color and different look but with the same traditional style. It means the traditional gold and silver embroidery will be the same, but the shape and material might differ. 

A few examples include box-style clutches, rectangular clutches, and round clutches. These clutches are adorned with pearl strings, gold stones, and intricate details. You can select a bridal clutch on the basis of the work done on your outfit. Gold, silver, or a mix of both are the top preferences. 

Here is a list of handbags ideal for the wedding day: 

  • Potli bag 
  • Box clutch 
  • Heavily embellished clutch 
  • Tassel clutch 
  • Rectangular clutch 

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Bags for Reception 

Compared to the first day, the reception, which is known as 'valima,' is celebrated in a more modern and formal way. Brides prefer wearing long gowns in pastel colors at this event. 

Some brides prefer going for a minimalistic clutch when the outfit is heavily adorned. Others choose the ones in unique shapes like a heart-shaped clutch, round bag, bottle-style clutch, etc. Clutches made of silk with light adornment are also ideal for this day. You can consider other options that define your personality and go well with the theme. 

Following are some of the best options for reception clutches: 

  • Round-ball clutch 
  • Oblong clutch 
  • Velvet clutch 
  • Metallic clutch 
  • Stone-studded clutch 
  • Oval clutch 

Now, before proceeding further, let us share some pro tips that can help you stand out on a wedding day:

Stand Out with a Contrasting Color 

We suggest choosing an entirely different style of clutch for the reception day. Having a perfect match with the outfit is not necessary. You can opt for contrasting colors. Or, match the color with the base of the outfit. 

Look at the latest fashion weeks, like bridal couture or celebrity trends. See how they pick a less prominent color from the outfit and match the clutch with that color to enhance the overall look. This color is always darker compared to the outfit's main color. 

For instance, you are wearing a beige gown with gold and silver work. But there is a slight touch of hot pink, too. Rather than choosing a beige clutch for this outfit, go for a hot pink one. 

Match Clutch with Jewelry 

Another designer-inspired tip is matching your clutch with accessories rather than the outfit. This is especially helpful when you are wearing a light-colored gown. To bring an attractive appeal to the entire look, try to choose a contrasting dark color, but the color should be the same for your sandals, clutch, and jewelry. 

Bags for Post-Wedding Parties 

Having gatherings organized by friends and family to welcome the new couple is common in Pakistan. Brides usually do preparations for all such get-togethers beforehand. Like the selection of formal and semi-formal dresses, choosing a suitable ladies' bag is essential to complete the look. 

These bags are different from the wedding bags. They are lightly adorned but are perfect to complete your formal appearance. 

Here are a few options for such events: 

  • Long strap clutches 
  • Envelope clutches 
  • Velvet clutches 
  • Plain clutches 

Bags for Bride's Mom 

A suitable handbag for your mom is essential for the wedding day. It will be a day full of responsibilities. Guests will give envelopes, you might need a touch-up kit for makeup, or there might be a need for medicines in case of a headache or nausea. 

Having a good handbag will help your mom manage things easily. And forget not; it will be an emotional day for her. A ladies' handbag in which she can keep all things safely will give her peace of mind and comfort. 

Look for presentable shoulder bags. These bags are spacious enough to carry the essential items. You can find some lightly adorned shoulder bags as it is a wedding event. Or, if your mom prefers something plain, many simple shoulder bags are also available. 

The spacious tote-style bags are easy to carry and provide ample space for multiple things. Some bags also come with dual options of long straps and short handles for handheld carrying. 

Bags for Gift

Giving gifts to in-laws and close relatives is another tradition in Pakistan. Ladies' handbags are a perfect choice to please loved ones. You can look into various options, from casual bags for everyday use to formal ones for evening parties. 

Wondering how many bags you need to purchase and how much will they cost? Here is a solution: 

  • Jot down the list of persons 
  • Decide your budget 
  • Find bags within your budget 
  • Place your order 

Also, read the below tips: 

  • Understand the preferences of your in-laws 
  • Consider the age 
  • Consider color choices 
  • Consider the bag's functionality 

Now you must have got a fair idea about the wedding bags. Apart from enhancing your bridal look, bridal bags also help you keep some essential items. Let's see what you can put in your bridal bag: 

What to Put in Your Bridal Bag? 

When it comes to keeping things in a bridal bag, a lot of items come into our minds. A small makeup kit for a quick makeup fix, hair pins, a small mirror, and whatnot. But of course, you can only keep a few essential things. We have shortlisted these items for you. 


No matter how perfect your hairstylist is, there is always a chance of your hair going out of order. Instead of hunting for the hairpins when the photographer is waiting to take snaps, keep a few hairpins in your clutch. 


Wedding events last for 3-4 hours, but brides get ready hours before. You might need to eat or drink, but usually, brides refrain from this, which is wrong. Long-lasting lipsticks are available that don't go away even after drinking or eating. But why take this risk when you can put lipstick in your bridal clutch?  

Compact Powder 

Another essential item for the bridal clutch is compact powder. Search for a smaller one. It will be great if it has a mirror too. You can use it for small touch-ups.  

Gums and Mints 

You will be greeting a lot of guests on this day. And since you will be the bride, guests are going to notice everything. A bad breath will leave a bad impression. Don't let this happen. When you have a bridal purse, keep some gums in it. 

Pocket-Sized Perfume 

Some guests will even hug you, especially your close relatives. Also, at the time of farewell, when you will be saying goodbye to everyone, friends and family members will cuddle and snuggle. Make sure to smell great by keeping a small perfume in your purse. 


If you are getting married in the summer, never forget to keep a small pack of tissues. Certainly, you will be in an air-conditioned hall, but sweat can come due to overcrowding or nervousness. 

Besides this, tears often come up at a wedding function due to an emotional bond with the family. Keep some tissues and wipes to help you at these moments. 

Pain Killer 

Due to the pre-wedding functions and anxiety, your body gets a lot of stress. Keep just one painkiller in your clutch so that you can feel at ease in case you get a headache.

These things look a lot but do not require a lot of space. Wrap pins, gum, medicine, and lipstick in a tissue paper. Also, purchase the smallest size of perfume and compact powder as per the size of your bridal clutch. This way, you can keep all of your things and make the most of your wedding handbag. 

Tips to Choose the Best Ladies Bag for Your Wedding 

After reading the above categories, you must have a fair idea of the wide range of wedding bags. However, choosing a perfect bag involves much more than just picking the bag from the right category. 

Let us see what other factors should you consider when purchasing a wedding bag: 

Choose an Ideal Size 

When it comes to a ladies' bag, you often look for something spacious. However, wedding bags cannot be too big in size. Or they will distract the focus from your wedding dress. You must be thinking about the essential things mentioned above in the guide. Do consider these things and find the smallest possible bag. If the bag still looks a bit big in size, try to cut down a few things from the list. 

Prioritize Comfort 

You will be carrying the bag for a long time. If it is not comfortable, you will end up getting frustrated. For a comfortable bag, consider the two essential factors: weight and texture. The bag should be light in weight, and the texture should not snag with your outfit. 

Do your Homework 

Before you go to shop for a wedding bag, do some research. You can view our website to find a variety of the latest styles and also place an order online. It will save you time and effort. Or you can also visit our outlets to shop for your favorite wedding clutches. 

Don't Limit Your Options 

Trends in Pakistani fashion keep on changing. Preparing your mind in advance before going to shop for a bag is a bad idea. Be open to new ideas and styles which you might find in the market. Take your time in evaluating different bags and then pick the one that looks the best. 


A bridal handbag should perfectly complement your dreamy bridal outfit. At the same time, it should not create a cluttered look. Try to maintain a balance by choosing the right color, size, and style. 

Bags for almost every wedding occasion are easily available. A little know-how about the right wedding bag can help you create a fantastic appearance at each event. 

Still, feeling confused? Visit us to see some amazing designs!