Latest Men’s Footwear Styles for 2023

Expensive clothing, a classy watch, but ordinary shoes. Won’t it spoil your look?

Designers often emphasise how the footwear style reveals your personality. So, always pay attention to this essential part of your ensemble.

Whether it’s a formal gala or a casual meetup, a traditional festivity, or an in-house party, pairing the attire with the perfect footwear is mandatory.

Luckily, you have landed at the right place.

This guide will share some best footwear options that are enough to make you feel trendy. Slippers, shoes, and sandals, you will learn about everything. So, get ready to revamp your shoe wardrobe and boost the style game!

The ease, comfort, and breathable nature of slippers have made them a popular footwear choice for men. Though they don’t fit the formal dress code, you can wear them in both indoor and outdoor casual setups.

1- Men’s Slippers

Especially in summer, there is no better option than wearing a pair of easy-to-wear slippers. But some slipper styles are also perfect for the spring and even for the colder days.

Let’s dive deep into the various styles of men’s slippers and see what options are available:

Casual Slippers

No, not all slippers are for casual use. It is just one category, which is further divided into some styles. As the name suggests, they are ideal for casual wear. Here are the two styles of these slippers:

- Flip Flops

Flip flops are one of the most common categories in casual slippers. They have a Y-shaped thong on the front side, are easy to wear, and provide great comfort. People usually wear this style at home, at the beach, or for other low-key activities. However, you cannot use them for walking or on rough surfaces.

Thankfully, flip-flops are easily available in the market and don’t leave a big dent in your wallet. Apart from that, you can choose from a variety of materials and designs. Pick the material that suits your feet, from rubber and plastic foam to durable leather.

But be sure to prioritise comfort, especially if you need to wear flip-flops for long hours. Uncomfortable footwear can result in many complications in the long run. Excellent arch support, a soft footbed, and a waterproof strap are the features to look for in a high-quality flip-flop slipper.

If you are a style-conscious person, flip-flops will never disappoint you. Many styles, colours, and designs are available. Plain straps with a plain footbed, contrasting colour straps, embossed logo designs, and textured soles are some common styles. But you will surely find more styles and designs when you look at the flip-flop collection.


Another good option in slippers is the slides. You will find a single broad strap or multiple straps on the top of these slippers. The slippers are ideal for those who want an open-toe style.

Though flip flops are also open from the toe, they separate the big toe from the rest, which is not the case here. But, just like the flip flops, you can wear slides at the beach as well as inside the house.

These lightweight slippers are also made from rubber, leather, or fabric. But make sure to check the type of fabric. Sometimes, people are allergic to some specific fabric category and end up with foot allergies.

Sports Slippers

When it comes to sports, more than 50% of people think that sneakers are the only footwear.

But, no!

You can wear sports slippers too.

These slippers are designed explicitly for lightweight sports activities. Those who do not want closed shoes for walking, jogging, or light running prefer these solid slippers.

They give a casual appearance, which is why people consider them for light sports activities. But the slippers are not suitable to be worn for household activities. You won’t get the same feel as flip-flops and slides.

Since they are designed for sports activities, they come with a sturdy appearance and an excellent grip. Some slippers may also have an extra cushion for the footbed to provide more comfort.

Both flip-flops and slide styles come under this category. The key difference is in their sole, strap, and feel. Designers often use high-quality leather, mesh, synthetic material, or top-quality rubber for these slippers.


Always try wearing slippers before making a purchase. Perfect fitting and a non-irritative strap are essential for comfort.

And be extra careful when checking the quality because some slippers may look soft and foamy to the touch. But at the end of the day, you end up wearing a slipper with a flattened sole. Therefore, always buy the one with top quality.

2- Men’s Sandals

If the above slippers sound too casual and you want something different for outdoor wear, sandals are the right option.

The difference between slippers and sandals is the strap and the sole. The first comes with a Y or broad strap, whereas the latter comes with two straps—one at the front and the other one around the ankle.

Fortunately, many styles and designs of men’s sandals are available. Let us find out:

Sports Sandals

If you do not like wearing closed shoes for sports activities, take a sigh of relief! Sports sandals are there to give you a breathable feel. You might also get irritation due to wet feet while wearing the sports shoe. Try sandals to get the perfect dry and airy sensation.

However, the sandals are unsuitable for heavy sports activities with a chance of foot injury. Since the toes are open, there are high chances of getting injured.

But, for jogging, skipping, walking, and other similar activities, sports sandals are an ideal choice. Some of these sandals are water-resistant, so you can wear them for water activities.


When you are in the mood for a traditional appearance, try Peshawari Chappal. The origin of this sandal is Peshawar, but today it has become popular in almost every part of Pakistan.

With its two straps on the front and an ankle strap with a buckle for adjustment, the sandal gives an elegant feel. You must have seen men of almost every age wearing this sandal, especially on occasions like Eid, weddings, and cultural days.

Usually, men pair these sandals with a kameez shalwar, kurta pyjama, or sherwani. But these days, wearing Peshawari sandals with jeans is also trending.

You can find plain and heavily embroidered sandals under this category. They are primarily designed from high-quality leather, and the intricate embroidery is done from thread.


Another option for wearing the salwar kameez is casual sandals. People who are not comfortable with the flat sole of Peshawari sandals often prefer the casual category.

Unlike Peshawari, the sandal has multiple straps and open toes. Both the front and the ankle strap have an adjustability feature to fit the size. Apart from it, the sole is plain from the inside but may come with different textures from the exterior sides.

The footbed is also comfortable, which gives you a soft feel. Some of these sandals may also have an extra cushion for added comfort. As long as the material is concerned, you can find them in rubber, fabric, or suede material.


One more option in sandals is the Roman sandal. They have a solid, bold appearance and multiple straps on the front side. The straps are present very closely, making you think the sandal is completely closed from the toe part.

There is an ankle strap, too, with an option to adjust. Additionally, some Roman sandals come with an uplifted toe style. The entire sandal is flat, but only the toe part is raised a bit, giving this sandal a distinctive look.

One more style under the Roman category is the closed-back style. It gives the appearance of shoes, though it is a sandal from the front side.

3- Men’s Shoes

Those having a good idea about the men’s fashion industry must know how much men spend on shoes. The reason behind it is how shoes enhance your overall personality.

Be it formal shoes or a pair of sneakers, some newly trending loafers, or ones with a funky appearance, shoes have always been an element of interest for fashion-savvy males.

The majority of people consider shoes only as formal footwear. But if you dive deep into the various categories of men’s shoes, you can discover how many types and styles are present.

Let’s not waste more time and quickly discuss the broad categories of shoes:


If you are interested in wearing shoes with jeans, shorts, or loose pyjamas, casual shoes are the right category. You will find them comfortable and light in weight. Apart from that, you won’t regret wearing casual shoes for long hours.

Whether you want to have shoes with excellent arch support or an extended foot box, casual shoes won’t disappoint you.

Some casual shoes even have an extra cushion bed for additional comfort. Medicated casual shoes are also available, which are specifically designed to provide more comfort and relaxation.


Another category in men’s shoes is sneakers. Besides routine wear, sneakers are a good choice for athletic activities like running and jogging.

You will enjoy a perfect grip and a high comfort level in these shoes. Since they are designed for light sports activities, the material is different from other shoes.

Synthetic fabric, canvas, and leather are some common materials for sneakers. The sole is of high-quality rubber, giving your feet a perfect feel during sporty activities.

You will be amazed to see the variety of sneakers styles, designs, and colour options in the market. Styling options are endless from easy slip-ons to covered back and uplifted toes.


If you want to buy shoes that can suit both casual and formal looks, loafers are there for you. Pair them with a formal dress, and they will complete the look. Likewise, wear them with casual jeans and a colourful shirt, and you will get the look you want.

But you must be wondering about the design of loafers. Compared with sneakers, loafers offer a low-profile design. It means that you get a simple yet elegant look, not a sporty and sturdy sneaker appearance.

Loafers come with a slip-on style and flat or a bit high-heel. You can also find tussles in a few designs but no buckles and laces. From here, you can get an idea of choosing these shoes due to their easy wearability.


When in the mood to dress formally, head over to buy formal shoes.

Well-polished and shiny formal shoes are the ones that can make you set apart in a formal gathering. People wear these sophistically styled shoes at events like weddings and business meetings.

Thankfully, multiple styles are available in the formal category. Whether you want to have a closed-lace style or an open one, a higher-heel design, or one with a flat appearance, a variety of options are present.

Designers focus more on the sophistication and style of these shoes as compared to the comfort and feel in the sneakers and casual category.

Wrapping It Up

All in all, the men’s footwear category offers something amazing for almost everyone and every occasion. While slippers are ideal for in-house wear and routine activities, sandals give a better look for casual outdoor events. And you cannot forget formal shoes that enhance your look for a formal occasion.

No matter which footwear category you choose, make sure to check the quality and level of comfort. Durable and comfortable shoes last long and are worth every penny!

You can find all sorts of men’s slippers, shoes, and sandals at 1st STEP. View your preferred category to see which styles we have for you.