Men’s Guide: Different Styles and Variations in Formal Men’s Shoes

Men’s Guide: Different Styles and Variations in Formal Men’s Shoes

A sophisticated tie and a well-fitted suit are not the only essentials for a perfect formal appearance. One more basic requirement is the shoes. Shiny and polished formal shoes complete your overall look, enabling you to flaunt an impressive style. Whether it is a professional obligation or a formal event, evening date, or official celebration, nail your footwear choice to project the perfect image of your personality. 

While many formal shoe choices are available today, choosing the right one makes a big difference. Also, know the right colors, materials, and style trends to stay comfortable besides elevating the style game.

This guide covers all this and a lot more. 

Keep reading to unlock all the secrets of a jaw-dropping formal look!

Difference Between Formal and Casual Shoes

At times, you find it difficult to differentiate between formal and casual shoes. With so many variations of styles and colors, you might end up getting confused. Knowing the basic distinctions between the two categories is essential to make things easier. Let us see what they are: 


Nothing can beat the power of black, which is often associated with authority and sophistication. And that is the reason why it is the most common color in men's formal shoes. But the shades of brown and other dark colors are also included in the formal shoe category. Most of the light colors are usually used in casual shoes. 

You need to consider the event when picking up the right color of shoes. For daytime formal events, consider light brown shoes. Polished black formal shoes are an ideal choice for night-time gatherings. Likewise, designers recommend light-colored shoes for sunny days and black shoes for the chilly season. 


Leather is the most common material used in formal shoes. However, you can also find some formal shoes in other materials. Regarding the casual side, you can find shoes made from a combination of leather and fabric and in suede, rubber, etc. 


Another difference is in the detailing. Formal shoes are mostly plain with minimum to no detailing. Their elegance is in simplicity and shine. Laces and sometimes small metal decorations are all you can see in formal shoes. No intricate embroideries, no logo signs; they are plain and simple. 


The structure of a formal shoe is entirely different from that of a casual one. The first one is sleek in design, whereas the latter acquires a bulky look. You will also find formal shoes with sharp edges, which is not the case in sneakers and other casual shoes. 

Now, you must have understood the basic characteristics of a formal pair of shoes. Let us move forward and discover the various categories: 

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Types of Formal Men's Shoes

When you have so many options in the formal shoe category, how will you choose the best one? Some formal shoes provide more flexibility, while others focus more on visual appeal. Learn about the various options for choosing shoes that best suit your needs. Some of them include: 


If you want to know about the most common and one-fit-for-all formal shoe, Oxford is here to end your search. This closed lace style shoe is present in almost every man's wardrobe. Regardless of the event, Oxford shoes are always an ideal option. The durability and comfort are the other reasons behind its popularity. Purchase a pair of shiny Oxford, and you don't need to buy formal shoes repeatedly. 

Its eyelet area, which is stitched into a vamp, forms a V, making it narrower in structure. You must be wondering what a vamp is. It is the shoe part that covers your insteps and toes. The classic structure makes the shoes look elegant and stylish. However, if you have high insteps, you might find these shoes a bit restrictive. But do not worry; many other choices are on the list. 


Another widely known shoe category is Derby. Opposite to Oxford, it has an open lacing system. It means that the quarters are on the top of the vamp. However, this lacing system gives more flexibility to the wearer. You can easily adjust the shoe as per your preference. 

Derby is suitable for men with high instep. It is also a good choice for people who wear insoles. You can use Derby shoes for everyday office wear or for semi-casual events. People often opt for this shoe category when they want to have a relaxed pair of shoes with an adjustability option. 


Another option is Brogue, which is often called a decorative form of Oxford. It has the same structure as Oxford but isn't plain from the sides and top. 

If you are fond of adorned shoes, Brogue is for you. It means the key characteristic of a Brogue is adornment, which is created through the tiny holes in leather. 

These adornments are present on the sides, in length, and also on the toe cap of the shoes. You might get confused among Borgue and other shoe categories. Remember, whether it is an Oxford or a Derby, broguing on the leather can make them a brogue. 

Additionally, you can wear Brogue with a semi-formal dress too. It is not used specifically for a formal suit. When you are in the mood for a not-so-formal look, pick this elegantly designed shoe to complete the look.

Monk Strap 

Undoubtedly, formal shoes with lacing are popular. But you might get bored wearing the same style repeatedly. When you want to dress up with something different, have a look at Monk Strap. 

Classy in style, they give you a gentleman's appearance with a bold and confident feel. As the name suggests, it has one or sometimes two straps on the top and a buckle at the corner. The rest of the shoe is plain in style. 

Like others, Monk Strap is also available in a variety of colors. But men often get confused with the straps. Which is the best one, the double strap or the single one? It depends on personal preference, but most style-conscious guys relate double straps with more visual appeal than single ones. 


People often get confused after seeing loafers in the formal category. But designers are coming up with many contemporary-styled dress loafers suitable for formal wear. Casual loafers are also there, slightly different in style and appearance. 

The hike in demand for loafers is due to their comfort, flexibility, and style. They are easy to wear; just slip on the feet and slip off. Different materials are used in various styles of loafers. Most importantly, you can also use loafers to dress formally in a salwar kameez outfit paired with a waistcoat.

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Types of Loafers

Let us see how many categories of loafers are there: 

Tassel Loafers 

With a tassel on the front, these loafers come with a rounded toe and have a reverse seam. The tassel is usually made of leather, and the rest of the loafer comes in different materials. Shiny black, brown, or other darker tones go well for achieving a formal style. 

Penny Loafers 

Penny loafers look like moccasins but have a leather strap on the swaddle. You can also see a small metal decoration on it and a seam on the top. Like tassel loafers, you can wear penny loafers to achieve different styling goals. Many formal penny loafers that are dark, shiny, and sleek from the front are available in the market. 

Belgian Loafers

Similar in style to Tassel Loafers, the Belgian Loafers are also adorned. But they have adornments in the shape of a small bow. This bow is usually of the same material from which the entire loafer is made. You can use these bow-styled loafers for both formal and casual events. It means from shalwar kameez and dress pants to jeans and kurta pyjamas; these loafers can complement various outfits. 

Dress Boots 

Other than the traditional formal footwear, boots are also an option. But try to use them outdoors, especially when it's snowing or raining. They cover your feet more than traditional dress shoes. It means more shiny leather will be visible, giving you a feel of masculinity and strength. 

If you are wondering what makes them dressy, focus on their sharp and sleek structure from the front. They are usually made from leather material and in dark shades. Above all, it all depends on how you dress yourself. 

Pairing boots with every other dress pant will never give you the desired look. You need pants with narrow leg openings. The fit should be neither loose nor tight, and the color should complement the boots' shade. Attention to these few things can help you achieve a striking appearance. 

Fortunately, a variety of choices are present in dress boots. But which boots are ideal for which event can make you confused. Fret not! Here are a few valuable suggestions:  

Office Boots 

When you are looking for classy office footwear, Chelsea Boots can be the right fit. These boots are the best option for those looking to have laceless footwear. The elasticized panels on the sides make these boots easy to wear. Also, a fabric loop is at the back, which you must pull when wearing the boots. 

These boots are mostly made from suede or leather. The sole can be of rubber and dark colors like black, and various shades of brown are mostly available. Pair them with a matching leather belt, and you are good to go. Also, try to hem the pants a bit higher to showcase the complete boot look. 

The classic boots are ideal for men of all ages. The best time to wear these boots is winter when you want some extra covering on your feet. Showcase your unique styling sense by pairing the boots with sophisticated formal attire. 

Wedding Boots 

Boots can also give you an inspiring wedding look, and Chukka Boots are the right choice in this regard. The best feature of these boots is their height. Neither too high nor too low, they come with a medium ankle height. It means Chukkas are lower than traditional boots but higher than dress shoes. 

They have an open-lacing system with two to three eyelets. Besides this, they are usually made from suede material and are available with both lined and unlined options. As far as the toe box is concerned, it is made in multiple shapes. A comfortable sole is also present to make the boot feel soft. 

The Chukka Boots, which are a bit different from the traditional boots, can best complement a three-piece dress pantsuit. Especially in winter, these boots can complete your wedding look. 

You can also choose boots for a date night or even for evening parties. However, in terms of dress code, both events are slightly different. Selecting boots made from suede material is way better for such meetups than shiny leather boots, which are suitable for a formal gathering.  

Final Words 

With all of these options mentioned above, you will have no difficulty finding dress shoes for any occasion. You have plenty of options, from traditional formal shoes and boots to loafers and monk straps. Some are specifically used for formal wear, while others can also be worn in semi-formal gatherings. 

Last but not least, consider the color of your outfit, feet structure, weather, and event time when choosing shoes. Also, practice good shoe care, keep the shoes polished, and pair them with suitable socks. Focusing on a few points when selecting formal footwear can help you create an impressive style statement, making you stand apart from many others. 

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