Step Up Your Style: 10 Must-Have Footwear Styles for Your Closet

Step Up Your Style: 10 Must-Have Footwear Styles for Your Closet

With a rapid change in the fashion world, new trends can be seen every other day. To keep up with the glitz and glam, a versatile footwear collection is mandatory for every woman. Luckily, many variations in women's footwear are available to complement the attire perfectly. Classy footwear elevates your style, reassuring you of the latest style and sophistication. Be it a party or a wedding function, a reunion with friends, or some formal office meetup, footwear can help you turn heads. 

If you are wondering which essential styles your footwear wardrobe should have, keep reading this post!

1- Chic Pumps

Flat pumps are a one-fits-all solution for casual wear. Whether heading out with friends or shopping during the summer, flat pumps are an ideal choice. These pumps come with a rounded toe and a covered back. The best part is their easy wearability and comfort. Like strap sandals, you don't need to fix the strap in flat pumps. Though not exactly similar to slip-ons, they are quite easy to wear, and the comfort level is also optimal.

Moreover, pairing them with a variety of outfits is possible. Match them with jeans or jeggings; both will look great. You can also wear them with summer capris and even with Eastern outfits. Search for the pumps, and you will come across a variety of options. Bow pumps, printed pumps, cheetah print pumps, shiny pumps, and many other variations are available. Since the shoes are open from the top, your feet get air, so you feel comfortable all day long. In short, pumps are fantastic summer footwear.

2- Stylish Stilettos

When talking about footwear fashion and trendy heels, how can we forget the classy stilettos? Peek inside a fashionist women's wardrobe, and you will surely find many stilettos. They feature a thin heel and pointed front, giving a classier and sleek look for evening parties and formal events. Besides this, you will also find an ankle strap with the classy footwear. The strap is given for adjustability and adds to the footwear's overall look.

If you haven't tried stilettos before, don't feel confused. Although the heel is pointed, it's comfortable enough. Before wearing them to an event, try practicing at home. Once you are confident, wearing stilettos to weddings, parties, and dinners will not be a problem anymore.

We suggest pairing stilettos with capri pants and long shirts for an alluring look this summer! You can also opt for this stylish footwear when getting dressed in a churidar pajama, culottes trousers, or traditional Pakistani shalwar kameez.

3- Trendy Flats 

Third on our list are the trendy flat sandals. Widely used by women of all ages, these flats are available in various styles. As the name suggests, they are flat from the bottom with no heels at all. However, flat sandals are designed with variations in the footbed. Flat sandals with extra cushioned footbeds are also available. They are padded and provide added comfort that won't give you the hard feel as you walk. 

 Flat sandals are a good option for those who are already tall and don't want to wear high-heeled stilettos.  Some flats have V vamp while others have straps. Similarly, plain as well as embellished and stone studded flat sandals are also available. You can opt for simple flats for casual gatherings and heavily adorned pieces for evening parties. Sequence work flat sandals, stone studded sandals, and bow sandals are some of the most famous options in women's flat sandals. 

4- Comfy Sneakers 

Who can forget sneakers when listing the essentials for a shoe wardrobe? Every woman needs this ultra-comfortable yet stylish footwear. Women want sneakers not just for athletic needs but also for dressier attire. 

These days, 1stStep white sneakers are making waves in the market. A new addition to our collection is equipped with multiple features, from easy wearability to comfort and commendable styling. We also offer many other types of sneakers like walking sneakers, casual sneakers, designer sneakers, etc. 

Apart from that, slip-on sneakers are also trending. They are designed without a lacing system. You just need to slide the feet and pull it from the back. These sneakers are easy to wash and breathable too. They are designed from synthetic material and fabric, featuring an extra supportive layer at the bottom. 

5- Traditional Khussas 

No matter how many contemporary footwear styles are present in the market, khussas are always trending. You can pair them with traditional attire like churidar pajama, shalwar kameez, Anarkali frock, etc. The jaw-dropping designs that are available in this category win everyone's heart. 

You should have a look at velvet khussa, fabric khussa, embroidered khussa, and plain khussa. Velvet khussas often come with embroidered front. This work is done through sequins, stones, and sitara. The intricate details with gold or silver on a black or any colored base makes the piece stand out. 

The original khussas have a flat and hard footbed. However, many Pakistani shoe brands are now introducing khussas with extra cushioning for comfort. The padded footbed makes it easier to wear khussa without getting a hard feel.

Footwear-Styles 2

6- Cool Slippers 

As soon as the summer season begins, every women is in search of cool and light slippers. Flip flops and slides are the most demanding in this category. The foam rubber sole of such slippers keeps the feet at ease, giving you a comfortable feel all day long. Due to their open design, they are ideal for extreme hot climates. 

You can wear them even to the beach or while walking for groceries. Since the summer season is here, you must be planning for a swimming session. Don't forget to take a pair of casual slippers along. Washing these everyday slippers is also easier. So whether you want slippers for home or a picnic, casual slippers are a go-to option!

7- Wow Wedges 

When in search of something ultra-comfortable yet stylish, choose none other than wedges. It is because of the overall support that you get in these heels. They help you get the desired height, as stilettos but are not thin and pointed. The shoe heel is divided in its overall structure, from the arch to the heel, giving optimal support. There is a front strap and a strap at the ankle with a buckle for adjustability. Thus, women reluctant to wear pencil heels can easily adopt a modern look with wedges. 

Thankfully, many amazing designs are available in this category. Embroidered wedges are perfect to display your love for wedges and perfectly complement plain dresses. Likewise, plain and simple wedges wedges are also there for a minimalistic appearance. Whether you want lighter shades or something in bright and bold colors, the collection is no short of options. Like pumps, wedges are also suitable for the scorching summers of Pakistan as they are breathable and keep the feet well-ventilated. 

8- Stylish Loafers 

Summers without loafers are a big no for fashion-conscious girls. Thanks to their open front design, they allow air to come in and keep the feet cool. The biggest benefit is that you can wear loafers in both casual and formal attire. 

When in a mood to dress formally, pick a pair of black shiny leather loafers. On the flip side, dress up casually with suede and fabric loafers. Like other footwear categories, loafers also offer various designs. Tassel loafers, bow loafers, metallic badge loafers, and many other choices are available. 

You can wear plain formal loafers to the office or while attending university. Likewise, many girls wear loafers on a meetup with friends, dining out, and shopping. 

9- Elegant Kitten Heels 

Gone are the days when kitten heels were considered outdated. Today, many women opt for these short heels due to their comfort and elegance. Especially for those who don't feel at ease in long and pointed heels, kitten heels are a must-have. 

You will be amazed to see the cool styles in this category, from plains and printed to light embellished and heavily adorned. Purchase a few of these pairs to flaunt your stylish fashion sense. Shiny leather kitten heels in plain red can make you a style statement. Likewise, cheetah-print short heels can elevate your modern attire. You can also go for the embellished options if you want to wear them for parties and weddings. 

We have observed that most bridesmaids prefer kitten heels to feel comfortable on the big day. They take advantage of the two-fold benefits of these heels: sophistication and comfort! Many Pakistani shoe brands offer kitten heels in various styles. Have a look at some contemporary designer-inspired heels in the 1st Step shoe collection!

10- Embellished Formal Heels 

Last on our list is the formal heels, a must-have for traditional events, weddings, and parties. Women in Pakistan prefer a traditional look on events like Eid, Basant, and other festivals. These sophistically embellished formal heels complement the heavily adorned traditional attire. 

Some formal heels are embellished with stones, while others are adorned with sitara, dabka, and threadwork. The work is intricately done on these heels to make them a masterpiece. However, some embellished heels also blend modern fashion with cultural inspirations. They present a modish look with minimalistic yet traditional styling. Some plain and simple options are also available, like plain velvet heels, plain gold and silver heels, black heels, and so on. 

The front structure of these contemporary-styled heels is not fixed. Some are made with a single strap, some have double or even multiple straps on the toe side. Some also have a single but broad strap on which detailing is present. 

Furthermore, they also come with ankle support and a buckle. Some of the latest heel designs feature a zipper at the back. Options are not just these; you can find them in rope lace-up style too. 

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