Summer Shoe Basics: A Quick Guide for Style- Savvy Men

Summer Collection for men

As the weather is getting warmer, it's time to put back the heavy winter boots. Get ready to revamp your footwear wardrobe with a light and airy collection. You can achieve a cool-looking appearance with softer colors and lightweight summer shoes.

With the right selection, you can avoid the extra sweat and discomfort. The best part is you don't need to compromise the style game. If you are unaware of the latest hot-weather men's shoe collection, it's time to give this post a quick read.

Let's discover how to flaunt the summer footwear style trend this year:

What are Summer Shoes?

Summer shoes are not just any other shoes in light texture and color. You need to understand their core features. Designers specifically design shoes that are best suited for the summer season. They are airy, suitable for the skin, and provide ample comfort in hot weather.

Let's understand the distinctive features of the summer-specific shoes:

Open Style Construction

Focus on the design of men's summer shoes. Notice how each piece has an open style. They are usually open from the ankle side and the upper portion of the vamp. This way, your foot's skin gets fresh air that helps you keep cool.

Slimmer Appearance

Since summer shoes have less overall coverage, they display a light and slimmer appearance. This is why the shoe is lightweight and features a low profile.

Lightweight Sole

Summer shoes come with thinner and lighter soles. They are not meant to deal with snow, water, and extra grime. Some soles are made from thin leather, roped fiber, or rubber. For added flexibility, they are directly stitched to the insole.

Brighter Colors

Summer shoes are not dark, but they usually come in brighter shades. Blue, green, white, brown, and even yellow are the colors for summer shoes. One big reason is that they reflect light instead of absorbing it. They keep you cool since they cannot absorb the sun's rays.


Compared to their winter counterparts, summer shoes come in multiple textures. The natural material from which they are made is available in a wide range of textures. Due to their different textures, they are considered perfect for a casual look.

Summer Shoes and Breathable Material

Various kinds of materials are used in designing summer shoes. Some commonly used materials are described below. See why these materials are a perfect choice for summer shoes.

Calf Leather

One of the most excellent kinds of leather is the calf leather. It is soft to the touch and gives a gentle feel. Most importantly, it is thin and allows air to pass through.


Nubuck also gives a breathable feel and is widely used in summer shoes. Its distinctive quality is stain resistance. People looking for rough, rainy shoes often opt for Nubuck Leather Shoes.


Suede is another highly popular leather form in the shoe industry. This fabric leather is made from the inner skin of an animal. Since the animal's hide is soft, suede gives a light, gentle, and breathable feel.

However, there are better options for the rainy days. Suede can easily get water stains, so avoid wearing your Suede Leather Shoes to the beach.

Besides leather, summer shoes are also made from different cloth fabric. A summer-specific fabric is selected based on lightness, breathability, and moisture-wicking. Commonly, canvas and knit fabric are used for summer shoes. Canvas is made from linen, hemp, or cotton. It's ideal for hard-wearing and casual use. Likewise, knit is also a good option for comfort and durability.

Why Opt for Summer-Specific Footwear?

Investing in summer dedicated shoes isn't a wrong decision, especially when you are living in Pakistan. Summer shoes are mandatory since the weather stays warm for most of the year.

Summer shoes keep you cool

People commonly refrain from classic dressing in summer. But summer-specific choices can give you the exact look without causing discomfort. Footwear plays a key role here. The temperature of your feet impacts how the entire body feels. You will feel the difference if you select shoes specifically created for summer. Your foot will remain dry without giving you an uncomfortable feel of wetness or overheating.

Summer shoes effortlessly complement the summer ensemble

Besides their utilitarian benefits, summer shoes give you a sophisticated look. Most importantly, they blend with your entire summer-themed dressing. You cannot wear high boots with formal shorts or pants. It is the reason why you need these shoes. Brightly colored, light, and airy shoes give you a perfectly refreshing summer appearance.

Most Recommended Shoes for the Summer Season

Most men choose sandals, flip-flops, and sneakers when it comes to summer footwear. As mentioned above, people are unsure about the classic summer styling. But if you choose the right classic footwear, you can stand out on every occasion.

Here, we present the most trending types of men's summer shoes. They are breezy and easy to wear. Whether you wear them to a party or select them for everyday wear, you won't regret. Let's dive deep into the family of these fantastic footwear options:


One of the most reliable shoe options for summer is loafers. For decades, men have been wearing loafers to achieve a smart casual appearance. You will be amazed at their versatility. A wide range of designs, colors, and styles allows you to try different options until you find the best pair.

Not only this, but loafers eliminate the need for laces. In summer, you need something light. Loafers are the best option as they easily slip on without lacing. Another great thing is the choice of going sockless. You can wear loafers without socks, without compromising the style game.

Tasseled loafer

Tasseled loafers stand on the formal side in the loafer category. Shiny black tasseled loafers are perfect for having a formal look. Even in a formal event, you can go sockless in tasseled loafers. The lower hem of the pants covers the open part of the loafers. This way, you get style and breathability both in one go.

Penny loafer

Penny loafers have a plain vamp design and are available in various colors. They are perfect for a semi-formal or casual look. Purchase suede or canvas penny loafers to pair with a summer ensemble.

Horsebit loafer

Similar in design, Horsebit loafers have just one distinction: the metal detailing across their vamp. The overall shoe is plain, but the metal adornment gives it a classic appeal. This detailing is in either gold or silver and satisfies your formal summer look.

2. Boat Shoes

Gone are the days when boat shoes were considered outdated. Also known as top-siders or deck shoes, they are becoming more popular for men's summer wear. Let's have a look at our guidelines for wearing boat shoes:

Masterful Construction of Boat Shoes

As the name suggests, they are crafted to withstand harsh weather conditions. Therefore, if you are searching for highly durable shoes, look at Boat Shoes. They can easily repel water, and the stitching is done perfectly to avoid wear and tear. Besides this, they have non-marking rubber soles. The overall durable construction of the shoes makes them stand as a cornerstone in sturdy summer footwear.

Styling Boat Shoes

Pair boat shoes with shorts, polos, and light-colored T-shirts for a summer-specific style. Other options include cargo pants, loose casual pants, and loose-neck shirts. Wearing socks or going sockless is your choice. If you want to wear socks, go for invisible ones. Or, purchase ankle-length socks made of light material. Boat shoes are mostly available in basic colors like brown, tan, and white. Due to the versatility of these colors, you can pair the shoes with different outfits.

Casual Summer Look in Boat Shoes

Experiment with pairing boat shoes with various summer ensembles. But keep a few essential tips in mind. Remember to cuff your pants, whether it's a single or double cuff. This style will highlight the shoe structure, giving you an extra cool look. You will spoil the purpose of Boat Shoes if your pants will cover the ankle. These shoes go well with slim-fit or regular-fit pants that are not too long. You only need summer shorts/pants, a smart polo, a cool watch, and suitable Boat Shoes for casual summer styling.

3. Espadrilles

These Spanish shoes are made from natural materials and are essential summer footwear. You can easily pair them with almost any summer outfit. Styling options are also huge, and the comfortable feel makes them perfect for vacations. The light and breathable canvas gives you an airy feel. Besides this, the shoe is placed on a jute wedge. Espadrilles are eco-friendly and also easy on the pocket. You can purchase a good pair at a reasonable price, enough for one season.

Here are our styling suggestions for men's espadrilles:

Beachside Essential

Espadrilles are a perfect amalgamation of casual and cool styling. Wear them on the beach and enjoy the breathable comfort. Pair them with casual shorts and a plain shirt. Replace your flip-flops and sandals with espadrilles on your next beach visit. You will feel the difference!

Casual Elegance

Whether riding a bicycle, walking, or visiting a friend, espadrilles are always a perfect option. Especially in summer, these light and airy shoes look best with shorts. You no longer need sneakers for a walk to the park. They are easy to wear and, most importantly, help you create a classic appearance.

Perfect Denim Match

Try espadrilles if you are confused about what to wear with the denim. Cuff the regular-fit denim and pair it with neutral-colored espadrilles and a plain shirt. You are all set to flaunt the trendy summer style.


Espadrilles are easy to pack. Their light weight and versatility make them a good option for travelling. You don't need to pack multiple shoes when you have one ideal pair of espadrilles. Opt for a primary color that can blend perfectly with various outfits.

Tip for Slip-Ons

Always purchase half or one size down slip-ons. These shoes have no lacing system. Their inner material stretches when you wear them. After some time, these shoes become loose or larger.

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