Wedding Footwear Tips Every Bride Needs to Know About

Wedding Footwear Tips Every Bride Needs to Know About

Are you planning for the big day? Remember, it can be hectic as you need to get dressed hours before the event begins. Portrait photography sessions start too early, and brides usually get fed up. In all these activities, footwear plays a crucial role for the bride.

Comfortable footwear can help you stay relaxed. Likewise, a stunning piece looks amazing in pictures. It enables you to get the desired height and keeps you in the spotlight. But which wedding sandals are ideal for you? Let's unlock proven tips to choose the best wedding footwear:

Consider the Groom's Height

Commonly, couples wish to match their height on their wedding day. If the groom is taller, go for high-heeled stilettos. However, if you aren't habitual of wearing high heels, you may feel discomfort. But you can always keep a pair of spare sandals. Likewise, you can choose wedges if you want support and aren't ready for pointed heels. Beautifully adorned wedges are easily available in gold and silver colors.

On the other hand, if the groom is short, opt for low heels. If there is a great deal of height difference, you can also opt for flats. An ideal way is to try different wedding sandals and analyze the height.

Embrace Embellishments

It is the biggest day of your life. You deserve to look the best and style most festively. Say no to minimalistic fashion sense for your wedding. Choose something heavily embellished. Search for trending wedding sandals for bridals and make up your mind about selecting an adorned piece. Stone-studded sandals and the ones with beads, pearls, and tilla work look great.

You don't wear such heavy bridal sandals on routine days and formal events. So, it is the time when you can flaunt your wedding style. Do not refrain from heavy sandals by thinking of having an already heavy dress. You are the bride and it's the day when you should dress up differently from the routine days. So, opt for gleaming and glittering wedding sandals.

Follow the Wedding Theme

Trends are rapidly changing in the fashion world. Today, you can observe more preference towards soft and subtle-themed weddings. Event organizers also choose soft colors like lilac, rose pink, beige, gold, and multiple shades of white. If you follow the same outfit theme, be sure that the footwear goes well with it.

However, in many Pakistani families, people also follow a traditional Eastern theme for the first day of the wedding. Not just for this day, but pre-wedding functions like Mehndi, Mayon, and Dholak events are also themed in vibrant colors. So, if the theme is Eastern, opt for gold glittery and Eastern embellished sandals. For a western-themed event, you can choose adorned footwear in soft shades.

Prioritize Comfort

Ignoring comfort can be the biggest mistake for the big day. Since you will be dressed up in a heavily adorned wedding dress, you should choose comfortable footwear. Uneasy and tight heels will cause discomfort, causing trouble in easily moving from one place to another.

Especially, if it's the reception day, you will be on your feet for long hours. Instead of just being on the stage, you have to move around to greet the guests. Therefore, choose easily manageable heels with excellent arch support. Also, consider the footbed. Footwear with cushioned insoles is an ideal option.

Furthermore, when choosing the bridal sandals, try to walk. It will give you an idea of the comfort level. Comfortable yet sophisticated wedding sandals will give you the desired confidence to stand out.

Arrange a Backup

Wearing high-heeled stilettos will make you feel tired at the end of the day. What if you arrange backup shoes and wear them when you are back on the stage? After completing the portrait shoot and greeting the guests, you can change the wedding shoes. While sitting, your long-length wedding gown covers the feet and hides the wedding shoes.

At this time, replace stilettos with block heels, wedges, or something that makes you feel more comfortable. This way, you will feel relaxed and at ease. Backup shoes are always essential, even if your main bridal footwear is comfortable. In case you encounter bad weather or snap a heel, a backup pair can help you.


When shopping for your wedding day, always remember the above footwear tips. Search for trending wedding sandals for bridals but consider a few essential factors. These include the groom's height, comfort, embellishments, and wedding theme. Also, do not forget to arrange a backup wedding sandal pair for ease and comfort.

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