Distinctive Characteristics of Men's and Women’s Sneakers

If you are a trend lover, you must have shopped for sneakers multiple times. Today, this shoe category has become a style symbol besides being an ideal option in comfortable footwear. Whether you want sneakers for an early-morning walk or for the upcoming marathon, the choices are endless.

This broad category offers women's and men's sneakers in various styles. Looking at the vast collection, some men might like a pair of sneakers from the women’s category or vice versa. Before the same happens to you, you should learn about the key differences between men's and women's sneakers.

Maybe you can find out how men’s sneakers are actually helpful for women. So, keep reading carefully:

In this guide, we are going to cover the following:

● Differences Between Women's and Men's Sneakers
● Running Shoe Size
● Can Women Wear Men's Sneakers?
● Categories of Men’s and Women's Sneakers

Without further ado, let us dive in:

Differences Between Men’s and Women’s Sneakers

In most cases, pink and pastel colors are associated with women, and colors on the darker side, like blue, black, and grey, are associated with men. The same story was with sneakers when this footwear came into the market.

Designers were of the view that the difference between men's and women's sneakers lies only in the colour and size. However, after researching for several years, shoe manufacturers learned the main differences between the two categories. But they are not the same for every type of sneaker. Some generic differences include:


Men's shoes are commonly larger in size compared to women of the same shoe number. The difference is around 1.5 inches in length. It means if a women’s shoe of size 8 fits you well, the same size will not fit you in men’s shoes. Since men’s shoes are bigger, you need to purchase size 6.5.


Another difference is in the shape of the shoe, which you can only notice if you observe carefully. Since females have a higher Q-angle of the hips, their shoes are narrow from the heels and wider from the front side. On the other hand, males have a slightly wider fit in sneakers.

The difference applies even if you change the shoe type from men to women. It means if you regularly purchase sneakers in size 8 women, but this time you want to buy a men’s sneaker of the same size (size 6.5), the difference in fit will remain the same. The only difference that you will get is in the change of number.

Therefore, length is a factor that you can change with a change in size, but you cannot change the shape as it remains the same.

Material and Weight

After length and shape, the third difference is the weight and material of the sneakers. Generally, women have less muscle mass than men. It is the reason why men's trainer shoes support 15% more body weight than women's shoes.

Similarly, the material and soles used in men’s shoes are more durable to support the extra body weight. But women’s shoes have light material and soles to support the lower impact forces.

Due to this reason, larger women can wear men’s sneakers as they are built to support more weight. During high-impact activities, the men's sneakers will make you feel more comfortable, and their soles will also stay durable. However, do not purchase men’s sneakers if you are average in weight. Keep in mind that the heavy weight of men’s shoes may impact your running speed.

From the above facts, it is clear that though some differences are present between sneakers for men and women, you must consider your specific needs while buying footwear.

Men’s and Women’s Running Shoes

After the basic differences in sneakers, let us now move on to running shoes. Since people often buy sneakers for running, you should know why some athletes prefer half-size, bigger running shoes. Or, if women purchase men’s shoes for running, can it be helpful?

Should Running Shoes be Half Size Bigger?

As per experts, buying running shoes a half size bigger is necessary to maintain some room for foot splay and swelling. As you run, your feet get mild swelling, because of which there should be some space in the shoes to make you feel comfortable. Likewise, your toes and the ball of the foot widen or spread in length a bit when you push off from the forefront. That is why experts recommend maintaining a thumbnail distance between the toes and the front of the shoe.

After reading the above details, you must wonder why you have been wearing the wrong running shoes for so long. Inaccurate sizing of your feet is one of the biggest reasons. Most people do not consult a shoe expert when determining the actual size of their feet.

You will be amazed to know that even in older age, your feet change in size. The change is so slight that it is barely noticeable, but it makes a difference in purchasing the right pair of shoes.

Can You Buy Running Shoes a Full Size Bigger?

Some people believe a half-inch increase is enough to support runners. However, it varies from person to person. Since half the shoe number is just 1/8th of an inch, it is too small in length. Those who experience significant swelling while running need more space in their shoes.

Likewise, people who practice running in the late hours or even in the evening will likely need bigger shoes. At this time, feet are at their largest and thus require more space.

When do you Need to Change Running Shoes?

After listening to multiple pieces of advice, you might get confused about the right pair of running shoes. Or, you won’t be able to determine the right indications for changing your pair of sneakers. You might buy men’s sneakers for more wiggle room of toes or purchase a one-size bigger pair for extra comfort. In either case, knowing the symptoms is important.

Here are a few indications:

● Pain
● Excessive swelling
● Discoloration of toenails
● Blisters

Furthermore, a perfect fit is not always a smaller size. Therefore, notice the symptoms and do not hesitate to buy a slightly bigger size of running sneakers.

Can Women Wear Men's Sneakers?

You must have seen many unisex shoes in the market. But here, the question is wearing sneakers that are specifically designed for men. If we look at other categories of shoes, like dress shoes and sandals, the designs are completely different in men's and women’s categories.

Men cannot wear stilettos with glittering beads on them. Likewise, women can't wear shiny black dress shoes designed for men. But the scenario is different in athletic shoes.

Many women find men’s running shoes more comfortable in look and feel. There are other reasons, too, like extra legroom and sturdy soles, which are mentioned earlier in the post.

That is why athletic women do not hesitate to buy men’s sneakers. You can also look into the men’s athletic shoe category for a nice pair of running shoes.

Different Types of Sneakers for Men and Women

We are not wrapping up here. There is a lot more about sneakers. Knowing about the different styles will help you create a perfect style statement. You can decide how to pair each style with a suitable outfit, which style will suit you well, and more. So, let's unlock these style variations:

Slip-On Sneakers

Don’t have time to tie up laces? Worry not! Slip-on sneakers are here for you. They don’t come with laces, allowing you to slip your feet with ease. Not only is this, but they are suitable for every season, be it summer or winter.

Athletic Sneakers

Gone are the days when athletic footwear was only for gym-goers. The trend is changing, and today every other person can be seen styling in athletic sneakers. They give you a sporty look besides helping you stand out from the crowd. And you can wear them with both jeans and sweatpants. Buy a pair of these sneakers for everyday use, and you will enjoy the optimum comfort.

Canvas Sneakers

When you are trying to buy a summer-specific sneaker, canvas sneakers are a good option. Whether you want to wear them at the beach or while enjoying a barbecue at a friend's patio, they will complete your cool yet simple look.

Designer Sneakers

If you want something classy and unique other than your ordinary lace-ups, you can look into the designer shoe category. They come with a high price and are sophisticated in style.

If you are into parties and gatherings and want to maintain your classy style statement, purchase the most trending styles in a designer category. The new designs, colors, and fabric will just amaze you.

But before you invest in a designer piece, decide how many times you will be wearing them. If you don’t need them often, buying an everyday wear sneaker is a good choice. 

Velcro Sneakers

Another option in a lace-free style is Velcro Sneakers. Simple yet elegant, they will remind you of your childhood. Also, their white color and elegant style suit a variety of outfits. You can wear them in a casual meet-up or just for routine day activities. Wearing them in light sporty activities is also a great idea.

High Top Sneakers

When you don’t want to pick the common styles, High Top Sneakers can give you a distinctive look. Having a slightly high style from the ankle, they look trendy and let you rock on with a unique style statement. You can pair them up with cargo, Bermuda shorts, jeans, and whatnot.

Most importantly, these sneakers can be worn at both daytime and late-night parties. So, get ready to highlight your unique fashion sense in these high-top sneakers, whether it's a lunch gathering or a dinner party.

Textile Blend Sneakers

Another widely used sneakers are the Textile Blend Sneakers. Made from high-quality material, the sneakers give you a comfortable and sturdy feel. You get a lacing option on the top, and a soft rubber sole is present for added comfort.

Washing them is also not a problem, and this feature makes them ideal for an everyday gym routine. Or, you can also wear them for walking in a park and casual parties.

Leather Sneakers

One more famous style in men’s sneakers is the one made from leather. This ever-green style suits almost every occasion and gives you a classy feel. However, you need to be more careful with their maintenance. Leather shoes can easily catch dust, which is unfortunately clearly visible if not cleaned properly.

The upper part of these shoes is made from leather and has a lace closure. There is a removable innersole, and the inside lining is comfortable. And yes, you can wear them in every season.

Wrapping It Up

After reading about all the latest sneaker styles and discovering the key differences between men's and women's sneakers, you must be planning to shop for your favorite style.

And this time, the choices are endless. You don’t need to restrict yourself to a particular category. View both men's and women's sneakers before you finalize the best one. But make sure to go through your core needs and keep the tips in mind before you invest in a new pair of sneakers.

Last but not least, pay special attention to your shoe size. Inappropriate sizing can result in buying the wrong pair of shoes. Also, remember to buy half or an inch larger in size when purchasing sneakers for running.

When you have all the tips in mind, head to 1st step to view the latest ladies and gents' shoe styles. You can also visit our website and order online